Top Ten Best GWAR Songs

The Top Ten

1 Bring Back the Bomb

Best song ever. Just don't go to a GWAR concert though, it's really nasty.

No, go to a gwar concert, and wear white. Funniest/messiest show ever. - ryanrimmel

It gets me exited whenever I listen to it. It is really epic also.

2 Sick of You
3 Gor-Gor
4 Saddam a Go-Go
5 Let Us Slay

Great track, check out their video on YouTube

This is one of the best songs gwar has released. But I wish metal metal land was on the list, that is my favourite song of gwars.

6 Metal Metal Land

Very heavy and humorous song about a paradise filled strippers, drugs and heavy metal

This song is what metal is all about

Everything is loud an fast - gelatinbeastworm

7 Immortal Corruptor
8 War Party
9 Slaughterama

This song is really funny. - christangrant

10 Schools Out

This is an awesome song and this s one of my favorite covers ever

The Contenders

11 War is All We Know
12 Abyss of Woe
13 Meat Sandwich

One of my favorite metal songs and one of GWAR's best

14 B.D.F.

The most controversial song ever written

15 Zombies, March
16 Ham on the Bone
17 P**** Planet
18 Jack the World

Gwar is Beavis and Butt-Head's favorite band in fact At the end of a Beavis and Butt-Head video game on Sega Genesis (yes the one AVGN reviewed) a 16 bit version of this song is played and it shows Beavis and Butt-Head preforming on stage with Gwar. This song also appeared on one of the music video segments for the T.V. show. - christangrant

19 Crack in the Egg
20 Madness at the Core of Time
21 The Road Behind
22 Beat You to Death
23 I'll Be Your Monster

My personal number 1 by them - yoshidinodude64

24 Maggots
25 Beauteous Rot
26 Licksore
27 Raped at Birth
28 Triumph of the Pig Children
29 Torture
30 The Private Pain of Techno Destructo
31 Lust in Space
32 Vlad the Impaler
33 Techno's Song
34 Happy Death-Day
35 The Obliteration of Flab Quarv 7
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