Best H2O: Just Add Water Characters

My first list ever, as me, the biggest H2O fan in the world.

The Top Ten

1 Rikki

Most sensible- even if she is hot headed, and has the best lines. I've always loved her

Rikki is the best ever she is awesome and she is my favorite character on h2o and my favorite mermaids ever

Rikki just gets me :)she has my personality and every thing I love you Rikki

Rikki is so me! She looks like me its like she is me! My twin sister! Don't mess with Rikki

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2 Cleo

Cleo is not number 1? There is something wrong with this list. Many people watched this series just because of her stunning beauty. Rikki is good but so ugly. No offense, just the truth

Cleo has the best powers and is awesome

Cleo is the best!

I love Cleo the most because she is in the most movies, my favourite actress, and because, well it's my opinion! 👸

3 Emma

I like Emma better because when Bella replaced her, I did not like it at all. Emma and Bella are two different people, nobody can replace one of the three... not even Bella. I was so used to Emma. Emma is just so much better, and I hate Bella. I'm on season 3, and I'm sad that h2o came to an end with only three seasons. I miss you h2o!

Number one forever. How is Bella on top. Seriously. Even Ricky and Cleo should not be there.

I have no idea why Bella is listed before Emma oh my gosh. Emma's like the best character!

The smartest of the group and prettiest

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4 Bella

Bella was such a breath of fresh air, so much better than Emma, there was not one thing I didn't like about Bella... Well, maybe her powers... They weren't the best... But she was fab!

Bella is great! She is great because she is unlike the rest of the great characters, she is so unique! Love her for life!

She was the prettiest one there to be honest! I love her character and Her and Will are so cute together!

5 Lewis
6 Zane

The Best One

I love him! 11

I love zane

So cool

7 Will
8 Ms. Chatham
9 Charlotte
10 Kim

The Contenders

11 Ash

Ash Is My Favourite One

12 Elliot
13 Nate

My Favourite one he's Zane's friend

He's Funny

14 Byron
15 Kyle
16 Sam
17 Jake
18 Sophie
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