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41 Limited Edition Vanilla Bean Espresso

The best combo I've tasted in 40 years! Please continue this product throughout the summer.

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42 Coffee Mocha Chip

Best ice cream we have tasted, but we can no longer find in a store. We previously bought it at Albertson's Fresh Martket in Park City, Utah. They haven't had this flavor for several months.

Is there any way we can buy this wonderful flavor in the vicinity of Salt Lake City?

43 English Toffee

Just heaven! Crunchy and buttery and can not get enough. So sad that two of my favorite this and baileys flavors are no exist anymore:(((( I would rather discontinue something else, less fancy.

The best! And it is difficult to find!

44 Cherry Chocolate Chunk
45 Tres Leches

Yes would always go in to 7eleven and have this tres leches, one day it was no more around or to be found (please bring this flavor back found a tres leches cake, mmm not the same: (

Tres leches is so creamy and mouth watering. PLEASE bring it back

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46 Ginger
47 Coffee Toffee Crunch

I have been waiting for 22 years for this to come back! I hear it was a new limited edition flavor, but I never saw it.

It was the best and I'm still looking, hoping to see it back in production!

This was seriously the best. I can't find it anywhere.

What’s not to love?

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48 Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate ice cream mixed with almost anything is going to be fantastic! This was another tasty flavor.

49 Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

Best thing I ever eat in my life. So much caramel!

Lift my spirit up. definitely felt the power of right dolce.

This is just amazing tastes like a werther's original candy.

50 Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Passion Fruit/Lilikoi is one of my absolute favorite flavors, and it is so hard to find anything passion fruit flavored in the U.S. I was so sad when they discontinued this flavor :-(

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51 Java Chip

Better than plain chocolate chips.

Absolutely the best! unfortunately I cannot find in Italy specifically in Rome Please help...

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52 Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle

Totally unique flavor and it was discontinued. Stupid move as it was fantastic.

I was literally heart broken when I could no longer find this flavor.
Truly one of the best ice cream flavors of all time as far as I'm
concerned. Please, please bring it back!

53 Dark Chocolate Orange

After one taste you know why God created chocolate

Where can I get this? This is my absolute favorite flavored ice cream.

I would kill for this flavour, where is it?

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54 Midnight Cookies & Cream

My favorite ice cream flavor ever! Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream alone is great but when you add fudge and OREOS, you get pure awesomeness! It's so good I can make up words! 2 thumbs up!

They brought this one back for a short period of time. I loved this flavor. The second time around though, I found it just a tad too sweet- tasty though.

55 Vanilla Yogurt

This is the best and much healthier than the fat ladden ice cream.

56 Coffee Yogurt

Another much healthier alternative to ice cream that is fabulous!

57 Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another forgotten delight by Haagen Dazs.I loved it.

58 Swiss Orange Chocolate
59 Peaches & Cream

I've not seen it on store shelves in a few years, either! I don't know why because it is by far the best peach ice cream out there. No one makes a better product, and believe me, I have tried nearly all of them!

I cannot find it either. My absolute favorite...fresh peaches and sweet cream. Better than homemade!

I haven't been able to find this flavor in years. It's so delicious! Please, if there is anyone who knows where I can find Haagen Daz peaches and cream in NYC I will love you forever!

60 Zesty Lemon
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