Best Hair Care Products

What really makes your hair soft, shiny, and smooth?

The Top Ten

1 Herbal Essences

Tried other products on my hair but nothing makes my hair feel as light, soft, and smelling as good as herbal essence.

Love it use it all the time, tried other brands and hair feels heavy

2 Pantene

This product really works on my hair..its really one of the best products

3 Dove
4 Suave
5 Tressame
6 Bed Head
7 Big Sexy Hair
8 Philosophy
9 White Rain
10 Aussie

The Contenders

11 Kérastase
12 Schwarzkopf
13 Pitambari Rajkeshi Hair Oil

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14 Avon

Wonderful Hair Products!

15 Harbalife
16 Seacret
17 Hemani Hair Care Products
18 Acti Labs Capill-Hair
19 WEN by Chaz Dean

Makes my hair soft - Hotheart123

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