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21 Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
22 Bad Romance

The guitar riff in this song is AMAZING, especially in the beginning

23 I'm Not An Angel

"I'm Not An Angel" and "Privite Parts" should both be in the top ten. They are very emotional songs.

24 Amen

The scream note in this song is awesome

25 I Like It Heavy

Do yourself a favor and listen to this masterpiece!

Can't believe this epic song isn't in the top ten!

Best of an awesome bunch of songs

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26 Hate It When You See Me Cry
27 Beautiful With You
28 Scream
29 Unapologetic
30 Sick Individual
31 Ride the Lightning

The vocals in this are just stunning

32 Mayhem

I get way too excited when I listen to this song

33 Gonna Get Mine
34 Better Sorry Than Safe

My favourite halestorm songs list is like:
1- better sorry than safe
2- familiar taste of poison
3- here's to us

This song is totally a masterpiece

35 Don't Know How to Stop
36 1996
37 Slave to the Grind
38 Heartbreaker
39 What Sober Couldn't Say
40 New Modern Love

This song was one of the bests of 2015, don't know how can it be in the third page...

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1. I Miss the Misery
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