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1 Binary Rifle

Sucks horriblly


Best sniper in the game, 10/10 would snipe again.

Binary rifles or absolutely beast

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2 Incineration Cannon

One shot anybody in the explosion radius which is bigger than rocket launcher because of the comet things that come off the main explosion

Destroys ANY vehicle in 1 shot.very sick very noice

3 Sniper Rifle


It has more ammo than the binary and beam rifle this makes it the best sniper. It also has one shot kill to the head and two shot kill to the body. This makes it the best weapon in halo.

I love this gun

More ammo and who cares, it's a f... sniper

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By far best gun in game literally got me like halfway through the entire game it has best machine gun damage, speed, and ammo

The SAW has an amazing fire rate with enough ammo to go along, also it has stupidly long range for a gun of this type. It literally saws people down.

The worst weapon is bolkshot or plasmic pistol

Saw with the jet pack will beat just about anything other than vehicles and people decent with a sniper

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5 Energy Sword

Being truly honest, this is one of the most staple Halo weapons. It's iconic, it's op, and it looks cool. What's not to like? Don't ignore the one shot kill.

Best weapon ever plus it looks cool too

Great weapon, only if you know how to use it. BEAST!

A more civilized weapon, the Sanghelian Blade cuts sharp with a long lunge, or can be used as a melee buff to negate lunge recoil. Be wary, as the sword can now be drained by contact with walls, (no doubt a blessing for machinimators), and it takes a bit more skill with the newer, weaker Model IV's, but with practice, the art of Swordsmanship can be one you have mastered!

6 Battle Rifle

Just got down carrying my team with this, I went 31-7. It's OP as hell if you know how to aim, if not then you think it's trash. It is probably the only gun in H4 that can hang with any other gun in a fight. Best all arpund gun in H4 by far.

The only weapon that can defeat any other gun with skill.

This gun is really bad, as you have to aim for a long time to get a shot off, then the burst is rather inaccurate, and doesn't do much damage. You have to 4-5 shot someone with headshots, and almost 6 shot someone with body shots.

This is an OP gun.sweet!

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7 Shotgun

Gun can one shot in close range

This is truly one of the best guns in the game, as you can 1 shot at point blank, 2 shot at a short-mid range distance, and it looks great with its pump-action.

Holds more ammo then scattershot

Best weapon in halo

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8 Gravity Hammer

Unfortunately but it's a great melee weapon

It's epic with the area effect

Gravity hammar will distroy any thing in its path but sadly it easaly runs out of hits

9 Beam Rifle

Semi automatic if u don't shoot it too fast but doent do much damage

10 Fuel Rod Cannon

The Contenders

11 Scattershot

Trapped on a high bluff. Out of ammo for your Lightrifle. Heroic difficulty. All seems lost. "All I have ammo for is my Scattershot, and I'm fighting at long range! " oh, but you are very, VERY, wrong. "All you have ammo for is your scattershot", you said, and that is by far enough to win! The Scattershot's shots ricochet off the walls and ground, dramatically increasing it's range. 3 kills and an ammo pickup later, you will then be permitted to kiss it.

Why even argue. Scattershot is the best gun in the game

Scattershot should be 1st it is amazing

12 M68 Gauss Cannon

Ah, this beauty. She Ohkoes the Wraith in its core, but is, ironically, better as a stationary slaughterhouse.

13 Sticky Detonator

I love the sticky detonator I have a lot of reasons I love this weapon.

Its really good because its remote

14 Assault Rifle

Best starter and machine gun

First gun I used!

And has good rangebut fires to quick to waste ammo

Great stoping power but it fires too qickly...sorry about the poor spelling

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15 DMR


DMR best gun 2K ever

One shot kill for evil doggys

The DMR it may not be as powerful in halo 4 as it is in halo reach but it is still good it is 5 shot kill wepon and has a long-range scope it is great in swat and it is rather powerful plus it is very acurite even in close range.list of things that beat the DMR. BR lightrifle scoped AR storm rife and sometimes the supreser

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16 Plasma Grenades

It is the best gernade in moytiplayer and it sticks to your foes it is good if you plan to take out one spartan but not very good if you try to take out more then one if you plan to kill more then one spartan use the frag

It stickes to the target which is good

They are very good in moltyplayer

17 Railgun

The railgun is good for when you need to puncture a hole in enemy defense, or just when you want to kill something fast, as it's shots are one shot kills.

Master no scope its deadly the bodys go flying see blue on a enemy your dead

The rail gun can destroy almost every enemy In the game with just one shot. It also has an extremely long range and is very

The rail gun is really good if you are jet packing b/c it shoots explosive stuff and if you are accurate & lucky (like me) you can snipe with it. - THADVARRRR

18 Rocket Launcher

I'm known as war wolf 18 and I'm able to place a few well placed shots so I'm unstoppable if I get my hands on it.

When it comes to flood or red vs blue. U need the rocket launcher.

Best gun in every game.
1: Rocket Launcher
2: Binary
3: Saw
4: Needler
5: Rail Gun
6: Sniper

19 Concussion Rifle

Wanna send your opponent soaring hilariously through the sky? Blast them away with the Concussion Rifle! This mango packs one hell of a punch, as has huge splash recoil. Any enemy shot directly will fly a short distance back, allowing for, ahem, Concessive Concussive Attacks. As an added bonus, you can use it to boost a jump should you lack a Jet Pack. Be wary, as it lowers your shields, and you could KO yourself if done recklessly

20 Sticky Launcher
21 Boltshot

I seriously hate this pistol!

It is a shotgun in your pokit when it is charged and is head shot cabele with no charge

22 Covenant Carbine

Best main slot weapon

Best starter weapon

23 Unsc Gun Turret

Easy to use for me its easy if your a pro.

it's a beast on complex I got 20 kills with it :]

24 Needler

This is one of the top weapons! It's Halo's signature weapon and in Halo 4 is super OP.

I love this weapon because reasons

25 Magnum

I'm surprised this honey is so low! The good old reliable magnum can actively replace your Automatic Weapon, as it has the speed, accuracy, and stopping power to score KO's in snaps. Her fire rate is excellent in CQC, and has the capability to go mid-long with enough practice. When deciding your secondary weapon Spartans, never forget the classic Magnum.

At close to mid rage its on par with all of the loadout primaries

Best used as a sniper on promethean dogs

26 Storm Rifle

More than a worthy successor to the Plasma Rifle/Repeater, the Storm Rifle is the AG that Gets it DONE. It drains shields by drenching them in hot plasma bolts, softening them up for a FALCON PUNCH! Or flat out toasting the target with repeated fire. A truly underrated weapon, indeed.

Oh, and did I mention it shoots LASERS!?! J-just wanted to point that out.

My favourite gun. Is a great shield lowerer and has loads of ammo. Great gun

Really powerful but hurts if you shooy to much

I love this weapon becouse of its power and that you don't have to reloud it ever minite - kornfan111

27 Plasma Pistol

This cute little Buster Weapon is the bane of tanks and Killer Robot Mecha, freezing them in their tracks. However, Halo 4 has blessed our humble Buster with: STOPPING POWER! The Plasma Buster does decent damage to flesh in a pinch, in addition to the Charged EMP Buster Shot. For a support loadout, the Plasma Buster Pistol is you're best option.

It has a very fast fire rate and pretty good accuracy

Stabilizes enemy ships when you charge it

28 Tank Gun

It is OP it has long range and does a lot of damge

29 Light Rifle

This a jack of all trades and master at long and close range

This a wepon is a jack of all trades and master at long range but it is good range too

30 Supressor
31 Spartan Laser

Not my favorite gun, but all the people voting for this must not be skilled. This weapons takes skill, and if you have that, it's the best weapon in the game.

Ever since Halo 3, the Banshee has been kept in check by one weapon, the Humble Spartan Laser. In the hands of the unfamiliar, it is clunky, inaccurate, and Marf. But in the hands of one versed in Spartaning and Lasering, the skies will remain clear of danger. Hell, the ground 'll be empty as well!

32 Frag Grenades
33 Pulse Grenades
34 Machine Gun Turret

Behold! The weapon that got an entire class dedicated to making it better! The MGT is insane, especially with Gunner, tearing apart the weaker than ever Model IV SPARTAN Super Soldiers, making teams cry for mercy as you tear through then with 200 rounds of pure muscle! Without Gunner, you lose out on the neutral walking speed, but have more secondary customization options.
This gun is WORTH dedicating a class to supporting.

35 Your Own Two Fists

Truly the most reliable weapon I the game, these have infinite ammo, high power, at the cost of piss poor range. But, still a badass weapon nonetheless.
By the way, you can punch a TANK out with these!

36 Gauss Cannon
37 Mantis
38 Unsc Tank

It may be slow but fast with shooting when you need it

39 Warthog

If your a driver run over you and 1 shot kill.

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