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21 Boltshot

It is a shotgun in your pokit when it is charged and is head shot cabele with no charge

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22 Covenant Carbine

Best starter weapon

23 Unsc Gun Turret
24 Needler

This is one of the top weapons! It's Halo's signature weapon and in Halo 4 is super OP.

I love this weapon because reasons

25 Storm Rifle

More than a worthy successor to the Plasma Rifle/Repeater, the Storm Rifle is the AG that Gets it DONE. It drains shields by drenching them in hot plasma bolts, softening them up for a FALCON PUNCH! Or flat out toasting the target with repeated fire. A truly underrated weapon, indeed.

Oh, and did I mention it shoots LASERS!?! J-just wanted to point that out.

My favourite gun. Is a great shield lowerer and has loads of ammo. Great gun

Really powerful but hurts if you shooy to much

I love this weapon becouse of its power and that you don't have to reloud it ever minite - kornfan111

26 Plasma Pistol

This cute little Buster Weapon is the bane of tanks and Killer Robot Mecha, freezing them in their tracks. However, Halo 4 has blessed our humble Buster with: STOPPING POWER! The Plasma Buster does decent damage to flesh in a pinch, in addition to the Charged EMP Buster Shot. For a support loadout, the Plasma Buster Pistol is you're best option.

It has a very fast fire rate and pretty good accuracy

Stabilizes enemy ships when you charge it

27 Magnum

I'm surprised this honey is so low! The good old reliable magnum can actively replace your Automatic Weapon, as it has the speed, accuracy, and stopping power to score KO's in snaps. Her fire rate is excellent in CQC, and has the capability to go mid-long with enough practice. When deciding your secondary weapon Spartans, never forget the classic Magnum.

At close to mid rage its on par with all of the loadout primaries

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28 Light Rifle

This a wepon is a jack of all trades and master at long range but it is good range too

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29 Supressor
30 Spartan Laser

Not my favorite gun, but all the people voting for this must not be skilled. This weapons takes skill, and if you have that, it's the best weapon in the game.

Ever since Halo 3, the Banshee has been kept in check by one weapon, the Humble Spartan Laser. In the hands of the unfamiliar, it is clunky, inaccurate, and Marf. But in the hands of one versed in Spartaning and Lasering, the skies will remain clear of danger. Hell, the ground 'll be empty as well!

31 Frag Grenades
32 Pulse Grenades
33 Machine Gun Turret

Behold! The weapon that got an entire class dedicated to making it better! The MGT is insane, especially with Gunner, tearing apart the weaker than ever Model IV SPARTAN Super Soldiers, making teams cry for mercy as you tear through then with 200 rounds of pure muscle! Without Gunner, you lose out on the neutral walking speed, but have more secondary customization options.
This gun is WORTH dedicating a class to supporting.

34 Your Own Two Fists

Truly the most reliable weapon I the game, these have infinite ammo, high power, at the cost of piss poor range. But, still a badass weapon nonetheless.
By the way, you can punch a TANK out with these!

35 Tank Gun

It is OP it has long range and does a lot of damge

36 Gauss Cannon
37 Mantis
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