Halo 2


One of my most favorite halo video games of all time I played it for Windows Vista back in 2007. had a great story multiplayer campaign sound effects and the original soundtracks and you play as the Arbiter where he fights the heretics this video game ranks the best halo video game of all time better than Halo 1 3 4 and Reach. They should make a halo video game that looks like halo 2 where you play as the heretic in campaign etc. This is my most favorite video game out of all the Halo series and was the best game I have ever played!

I can't believe anyone would have the guts to put halo 3 over this but especially the worst in the series (halo reach) over this legendary game (best game of all time). Forget the multiplier for a minute this game had by far the best campaign and story so clearly anyone who didn't vote this just hasn't played through it. As for halo reach well that was just embarrassingly bad You should be ashamed of yourselves. Also why isn't combat evolved number 2? I'm sorry but I have just lost faith in the halo community after this.

By far the best with only a few shortcomings. Amazing dual campaign with constant action and several Easter eggs. Very unique weapons vehicles. Graphics are stellar for there time and are enjoyable even today with some incredibly beautiful scenery to boot. The music is truly a masterpiece including bands like Breaking Benjamin and Incubus. The online multiplayer is the best of all the Halos. It is balanced and has a skill curb just high enough to challenge experienced players while low enough for those with less of an aptitude for competitive gaming. Add to that fun maps with some interactivity and great team based and solo gametypes it is truly the best and purest game in the franchise. So sad that they took the online for it down.

This is only 4th! Not only is it the best game in the franchise, it is the best original Xbox game out there. THE CAMPAIGN IS NON STOP ACTION! This should be better than reach by far! For those who have never played halo 2, Go by a $25 Xbox classic on ebay and get a $5 copy of this game RIGHT NOW!

Halo 2 had a significant style to it that separated it from that of the other halo games that appeared in the series. It looked further into the darkness of warfare, and brought to us the fear of conflict with distinct characters, environments and missions. It can also be stated storyline is one of the best gaming has ever produced to its audience. The inclusion of Arbiter as a secondary protagonist allowed us to see both sides of the war, and later produce a significant alliance with MC that would carve the story of Halo 3

I put Halo 2 around 1 or 2 Halo 2 was the game I grew up with personally definitely fun the best story but I don't care I for some reason like the cliff hanger and added some suspense the only two Halo games that actually rate higher than this would be Halo 1 and 3 the only two that can actually compete with it the rest of the Halo games suck Halo 5 could have been

The multiplayer was and is still my favorite. The maps are just so legendary. And now playing it again on Xbox one is so amazing. The newer halos 5 and 4 are trying to hard to be like Call of Duty (which is an amazing game series) but it's not halo. Them being different is what makes them so good. Which is my halo to is still my favorite.

Seriously this has to be the best halo why are people especially the critics ranking it at last? It deserves to be #1 since it helped great with multiplayer and has a great story. Seriously first the master chief has to protect the ship. Then a whole new complete story with the Arbiter occurs. Great story and tons of fun!

The campaign of this game is very epic, it is also introduce dual wielding weapons (i like dual needler). The campaign also has arbiter and master chief, not like Halo Combat Evolved, which you can only play as master chief. the weapons is very cool and a lot better, this is the best halo game ever

Best in the whole series, although it was cut short, it left you waiting for halo 3 and it brought so many new additions to the plot like the brutes and the prophets. It also brought new abilities like the dual wielding

Look guys I know you might like halo 3 or halo reach but halo 2 is the best halo game so I think you should put this on number 1 and its also one of the greatest games of all time.

This game has the best storyline compared to the others. I don't get why Halo Reach is second place because its campaign was horrendous.

Best soundtrack (I'm into rock and metal), best story, best maps, coolest missions, scariest flood missions and so on. Played it all the time when I was younger

Halo 3 deserved second place. Halo Reach is nowhere near the original trilogy. And I don't know why Halo 4 and 5 are even on here. They aren't even Halo games!

Your kidding me this is the halo I lived with and combat evolved were the best in the good old days Now Halo Reach is the best.

Halo 2 should be the top halo game. Well yes it does not have the best graphics but it is the most fun and was what really got halo in the popular games

Same story. Not a Xbox fan - so Halo 2 for the PC is simply perfect in my view. - UlfricStormcloak

Oddly enough, I started with Halo 3. And then I ended liking Halo 2 more, just because of that Scarab scene, and it's awesome.

It has an excellent campaign and the storyline is too good to be true. I love it so much I can't bear to see it in third.

This Game is a masterpiece its multiplayer is so much more balanced than any other no ordinance or power ups

Being able to play as the Covenant and the Awesome multiplayer of this game makes it one of the best in my eyes.

This game helped revolutionize and innovate what would become Xbox live! If only these younger players knew how good this one was.

This should be at the top of the list but isn't because not as many people played it. - tjexler

I LOVE this game to the extreme. My favorite part is the main title theme. It's just *sniff*, so beautiful.

Halo 2 has the best gameplay, and that's the reason it is the best halo game