Halo Reach


This game has the most varied combat (space battles! ), some of the best multiplayer maps (both new and greatest hits), the best post-credits sequence (a level, not a cutscene! ), and Firefight 2.0, which exceeds the original in every way. Fighting through campaign with your own personal Spartan is awesome. Halo 4 had to take some things out (i.E. campaign scoring, theater); this is the only game where it feels like nothing is missing (except MC of course).

This is the best halo game. Sure, halo 4 is getting Evermore popular and Halo 3 was still VERY Good, This game has it all; Graphics, Weapons, Music, and Atmosphere. The entire series suggests the covenant is Unbeatable, And halo reach fulfilled this depiction. Worlds shattered all around you and Even the main characters, Insanely powerful SPARTANs die, including ==============SPOILERS=================== Your own. I Loved the original games and the new ones are okay, but Halo Reach tops all by a Landslide in my opinion.

Deserves to be the at bottom of the list. Gameplay is so repetitive and the too much Call of Duty feels make it feel like Call of Duty rather than halo. Not that Call of Duty is bad, it just offends me that halo is excluding the true halo feel that I expect in every halo game. God, long night of solace was a nightmare, when I think that the Sabre ride was going to be a good memorable experience, it got so bland, repetitive and long. General gameplay in this game was plain as paper.

If you think I'm wrong then you're a noob, because I think Halo Reach is more fun than Halo 3. I get bored of it easy. I can play Halo Reach all day and not stop and still not be bored. Plus a great story and campaign, with more customizing and epic badges. - Me7676

I grew up playing halo 3 in middle school, but halo reach hit it home for me with the music, the envoirment and accessibility. The missions with your teammates were a blast, truly heartbreaking deaths of noble team. The ARMOR CUSTOMIZATION. The multiplayer remains kick ass. And last of all, it had the most coolest and memorable halo mission, "The Pillar Of Autumn." Truly the best ending scenes in halo history with a nice final touch as you survive horses of covenant stragglers til your death. And how can we forget that awesome MAC cannon! Halo reach is the best halo by far.

I think Reach was the best due to the fact that it was something not often seen in first person shooters. It had a story largely driven by the setting, not the characters, and has set pieces still beautiful in 2017. Besides, who can forget missions like Pillar of Autumn, New Alexandria, and of course Lone Wolf? After playing through this game on both Heroic and Legendary, I firmly believe in its superiority.

Halo Reach was a great break from the redundant story of the bombastic Master Chief in his rut of UNSC vs Covenant vs Forerunners. Brilliant online multiplayer, forge, infection, and firefight game modes. You can download awesome game modes created on forge, and have tons of fun without even having to shoot anyone. Assassinations were a genius innovation, and the campaign is a total shake-up from the original Halos. A great prelude to some considerably less good games, and quite possibly the greatest thank-you game of all time (it was created by Bungie as a thanks to its millions of fans). I'm so glad there was so much more customization options and characters, rather than focusing on one spartan the entire time, there was a team of six, each with a distinct personality and skill. Easily the best Halo game ever made.

I've played a lot of both 3 and Reach. And I see that Reach is miles above 3. Fire Fight is one reason. Reach's forge is also much better. Reach has a better campaign by far, and better multiplayer to. I asked my friend why he thought 3 was better: he said scarabs. Nothing else. Scarabs are cool, but don't make up for all the ground Reach has on it. I like 4 better than 3 too.

It was my second Halo game and it was amazing, I enjoy all the other games too but this one had a lot of things going for it, great graphics, great feel with the weapons, good music, forge, campaign, multiplayer are all worthwhile and fun to play. Bungie really did well with this game. I spent more hours playing this game then most of the other games I own.

The only halo that actually shows the power of the covenant, the other games have you play as a near invincible super soldier gunning down hoards of aliens, and while reach does too, it shows you that it's not enough, and humanity is doomed to annihilation and how weak and out gunned you really are

The best game ever. This game is not just my favorite halo game but my favorite Xbox game of all time. This game has an amazing campaign and the best matchmaking modes ever. This game also has Forge World and that resulted in the best custom games maps in halo history.

Reach didn't do everything perfect, but I feel it came close. The story was good because it was so simple- You don't have to play any other Halos to understand it. The way you could customize Firefight and Custom games was incredible. Though I adore all the Halo games, Reach was my favorite and I think the best.

The most emotional game in the series, and what makes it even sadder is that you know it's coming, but you just hope that you will survive. But, it has some of the greatest multiplayer in the series to help compliment the campaign. Beautiful game, and I really think it deserves #1.

But exactly why couldn't Emile shoot down all the other phantoms that dock on the platform full of brutes and grunts trying to kill you instead! Or maybe even that one with the field Marshall and zealots that shoots that other pelican!

Halo Reach is the best game I have played so far. It has great multiplayer, good graphics and a nice campaign. And you can look like whatever you want, even in campaign. And who needs Master Chief when you have Noble 6?

So many good memories with the campaign and multiplayer. Love the characters and story. It was a really nice and refreshing to have new characters and to take a break from Master Chief. 9/10 Campaign. 8/10 Multiplayer

Halo reach is way better than halo 3! The idea of working with a team and the air to ground battles are so good! Amazing story-line combined with the never-ending battles!

It was all the good things about classic Halo, with awesome new features that set the course for the new (and admittedly inferior) Halo games. An awesome campaign, too. Truly a good experience."

The ending... just amazing. A beautiful prequel to the original Halo games. Like they said, Every legend has a beginning. John 117's started with the brave bold sacrifice of Noble Team.

Halo Reach's story touched me the most. The multiplayer was essentially groundbreaking with its new armor abilities and exciting take, and Martin O' Donnell was still on the soundtrack back then. The variety of landscape and locations in the campaign made it undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Halo games yet.

The campaign was perhaps the best campaign I have ever played in a game. I really loved the multiplayer too, and the music was great as well. It's just a great game overall.

This is my favorite game I always play it every day on my Xbox 360 I really like the campaign how your fighting all those aliens I mean this game is just so cool

AWESOME! Best game I have ever played. The campaign was the best, the ranking system was perfect, and the matching is almost all I play now. Thumbs up : )

The campaign is awesome and the last level lone wolf is the best. But I like all halo games. My top games are Halo 4, Reach and Halo Combat Evolved.

I love halo 3 and all but halo reach feels a lot more expandable, with its forge mode and large scale battle support, but halo 3 is still amazing