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21 Regret: Halo 2

The sheer scope of the environment I travel trough in this level always blows me away. Ambition at its finest. -

Beautiful mission when you're not raging at jackal snipers

22 Cortana: Halo 3
23 Tsavo Highway: Halo 3

Underrated in this list, a great journey (nothing intended) through a mass of African savannah and a brilliant vehicle-orientated feel to it, the first truly amazing level of Halo 3

Another African national park level. But this one packs much more epic goodness than Uplift Reserve and is absolutely beautiful from start to finish. -

Best ever!

24 Forerunner: Halo 4 V 1 Comment
25 Arcadia City: Halo Wars
26 The Pillar of Autumn: Halo Reach

Honestly, I'm surprised that this isn't higher up on the list. You have this feeling of heavy suspense throughout the whole mission. It also contains what I think is the best cutscene in halo, with Emile's death. Rally though, this is my favorite mission in all of halo.
P.S. Check out that cutscene.

27 The Storm: Halo 3

Awesome level. The Portal Storm sets the tone straight away

Intense mission. The start sets the tone as you go into a final stand against the covanent.

My favorite level because of the awesome scrab scene

28 Lone Wolf: Halo Reach

This level is so much fun! Best way to beat a game: not beating a final boss or staying alive. To beat halo reach you have to die, such an awesome level and the clip at the end is so boss!

Endless wave and with your friends better than fire fight and gives you more cr then it

Its almost exactly like firefight, you go the an endless wave of convenant and see how long you survive!

29 Cairo Station: Halo 2 V 1 Comment
30 Battle of Sunaion - Halo 5: Guardians

The level is awesome, fighting through the covenant stronghold with Arbiter is nostalgic and fun. The warden fight is fun but the highlight is by far fighting alongside arbiter

Seriously, there are hardly any h5 missions on this list. That game is awesome and reunion and guardian deserves to be on the top of this list.

31 Infinity: Halo 4
32 Mombasa Streets: Halo 3: ODST V 1 Comment
33 Midnight: Halo 4

The ship is a sorry play off of Long Night Of Solstice, but then it becomes awesome. So mofo awesome it hurts.

34 The Pillar of Autumn: Halo: Combat Evolved

WHY is this not higher? This level was a blast, what first introduced me to the Master Chief.

Entertaining as hell. The pacing is perfect. The combat is pure. Who doesnt enjoy playin this with a buddy? -

35 The Package: Halo: Reach
36 Uplift Reserve: Halo 3: ODST

Well-rounded with lots of vehicles, powerful weapons and big set-pieces. -

37 Delta Halo: Halo 2

This level is great

38 Floodgate: Halo 3

I understand some people hate this level but I thought it was great from the whole atmosphere to elites helping you, if only it wasn't so damn short though. My 5th favourite level

Great level. I love fighting the Flood.

39 Swords of Sanghelios: Halo 5: Guardians
40 The Library: Halo: Combat Evolved

This level is a blast. The frantic shooting at the hordes of flood pouring in through the walls, the intensity of the music, the waiting for guilty spark to open the door (while yelling at him to get it open). I love this level. I have played through it so many times. I never got into a video game as much as I did Halo: CE. Never did I ever forget reality like in this game.

As a kid I hated this level but later I realized how awesome it actually is

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