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41 The Breaking: Halo 5: Guardians
42 The Library: Halo: Combat Evolved

This level is a blast. The frantic shooting at the hordes of flood pouring in through the walls, the intensity of the music, the waiting for guilty spark to open the door (while yelling at him to get it open). I love this level. I have played through it so many times. I never got into a video game as much as I did Halo: CE. Never did I ever forget reality like in this game.

43 ONI Alpha Site: Halo 3: ODST
44 NMPD HQ: Halo 3: ODST

My favorite halo ODST level

45 Outskirts: Halo 2
46 The Oracle: Halo 2

You get to fight your way through flood and Heretics and that's not all. You get to cut down a station and fly a banshee in it while its falling out of the sky and you get to fight the Heretic leader along side meeting 343 Guilty Spark (the oracle).

My top 5:
1. The Covenant: Halo 3
2. The Oracle: Halo 2
3. Assault on the Control Room: Halo 1
4. The Great Journey: Halo 2
5. The Storm

47 Scarab: Halo Wars

Who wouldn't like it, it has beautiful scenery and the suspense was killing me and they actually made the thing smart. It may have been overly challenging but hey same with Legendary on Lone Wolf

48 Floodgate: Halo 3

I understand some people hate this level but I thought it was great from the whole atmosphere to elites helping you, if only it wasn't so damn short though. My 5th favourite level

Great level. I love fighting the Flood.

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