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41 Halo: Halo: Combat Evolved

Alone. All your companions are dead. You step out of the capsule, and realize: This isn't home.

Not but really, the very first level in the series where you get to feel that freedom that surrounds some of Halo's levels. You can go at which pace you want, there are many different paths, and of course, the first time you encounter the Warthog (and don't know how the hell to drive it

A great level, your ship crashes and you have to find the marines all over the land. One of my favorite levels. - haloman4321

42 Uprising: Halo 2

Amazing flow, visually, musically, dramatically, the excitement is relentless and there were several opportunities for satisfying cinematic sci fi release. Played this plenty of times. Brings back memories reading this. Had to comment. Loads of fun. Play it on heroic for a real challenge. Best campaign level. Not as epic as some of these to be sure, but I just love the jungle temple look

43 Noble Actual: Halo Reach

When that first cutscene goes, saying "You are stepping into some shoes, the rest of the squad would rather leave unfilled." tells you reach means business. And the falcon flight really lets you admire Reach's great atmospheric sound, and amazing terrain/sky box. Then, dropped into the level, fighting grunts and elites, you realize, once again, this game means business. And when you drive the spade/other vehicles is one of the more casual moments. A great level, definitely one of the best introductions - and levels overall - in halo.

44 The Breaking: Halo 5: Guardians
45 ONI Alpha Site: Halo 3: ODST
46 NMPD HQ: Halo 3: ODST

My favorite halo ODST level

47 Outskirts: Halo 2
48 The Oracle: Halo 2

You get to fight your way through flood and Heretics and that's not all. You get to cut down a station and fly a banshee in it while its falling out of the sky and you get to fight the Heretic leader along side meeting 343 Guilty Spark (the oracle).

My top 5:
1. The Covenant: Halo 3
2. The Oracle: Halo 2
3. Assault on the Control Room: Halo 1
4. The Great Journey: Halo 2
5. The Storm

49 Scarab: Halo Wars

Who wouldn't like it, it has beautiful scenery and the suspense was killing me and they actually made the thing smart. It may have been overly challenging but hey same with Legendary on Lone Wolf

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