Best Halo UNSC Weapons

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Yeah, My favorite one was Halo 4's

Better accuracy at a range than a battle rifle

It is better than all load out weapons and is beast in infection

4 shots can take an enemy down easily - azaanansari

2 Battle Rifle

The battle rifle is easily the most effective fire arm in the series, because it delivers rapid fire, great accuracy, and decent damage. While personally my favorite is halo 3 AR, this is much most effective.

The battle rifle is the best all-round weapon

Good for headshot on an Brute or Elite - azaanansari

Best gun ever!

3 Spartan Laser

It makes quick work of vehicles. It tears apart infantry. It's red beam is terrifying and can kill like 17 people in people n one hit.

One Shot effective against a banshee and Hunter - azaanansari

Nothing can survive a direct hit from this gun.

This gun is just pure epic!.


Beasty with dual wielded can kill a brute in 9 seconds - azaanansari

5 Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle is the best gun ever invented in the whole unsc history! - Chubbymonkey29

One shot will kill and Hunter from the Back - azaanansari

6 Assault Rifle

Most versatile gun, and most iconic. Can be used at literally all ranges if used correctly. Easily the most deadly if you have skill.

Awesome right here if you have been nicknamed the commando like me you will know what I'm talking about

Powerful in close or mid range but not very accurate - azaanansari

Most versatile and deadly weapon if you use it correctly. Can outgun smgs at some ranges, and with burst fire, can compete with dmr users. Best starting gun, and best and most iconic gun in the series.

7 Shotgun

Dude the shotgun is most effective against the flood. "boom" the flood are dead

Can kill an Elite in two Shots also an Brute - azaanansari

This thing is mah baby.

8 Socom Pistol

Very effective against jackal snipers - azaanansari

9 Magnum

Fast not powerful but good in headshots - azaanansari

It was better in CE

10 Rocket Lancher

I know you guys will this should number 1 but this a bit horrible at shots - azaanansari

The Contenders

11 Grenade Launcher

Come on! This weapon is so better than the DMR! Sure its horrible if you don't know how to use it, but those anoying jackals with their sheilds! All you gotta have is ammo, health, luck, and accuracy!

12 Halo Ce Assault Rifle

Holy crap this is Halo ce right here

Same everything as the SMG, except more ammo and could tear through flood and covenant like a hot knife through butter

13 Railgun
14 M6D Magnum

People forget how much power the original magnum had from CE
With that pistol you were In any fight, be up close Melee? Shotguns Or taking out a sniper
Most versatile weapon ever! And The Best!
P:S: DMR sucks! Is A weak version of the Battle Rifle. - tannermiddleton

15 Target Locator

Yes, a Lietenant has power over a whole frigate.

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