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1 Hearts on Fire

Great song if know one has heard of this band needs to. - Thesaintrob

This was the first song I heard from this band and I became an instant fan. Still get the chills every time I hear it. They have come a long way since then and have made other great songs. But this is still my favorite

Perfect, just perfect. - blackphoenix


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2 Any Means Necessary

Just an very awesome song. Great Lyrics, very awesome refrain, this is the best of HammerFall all time!

This Song is just... Awesome.

It's so authentic and it has to be #1. Period.

3 Blood Bound

The heavy guitar and epic lyrics of Hammerfall combine to make a truly amazing song. I really like the opening riff. Hammerfall created a masterpiece with this song.

Definitely a bang your head along tune - Grundapants

4 Last Man Standing

Best Hammerfall song and one of my favorite song overall.

My Favourite song. I heard it once and fall in love with Power metal :D.

The song that got me into hammerfall. Best of all time!

Something different and something good!

5 Heeding the Call

One of the best songs of all times

Just favorite

Epic track to listen to especially in the car m/

6 One More Time

My absolutely favourite track and the best intro to a song.

7 Glory to the Brave

How could you do this to me? This is awesome song ever created by hammerfall.

This would be wonderful to play at my funeral, as I intend to have my corpse be burned on a boat in the middle of a lake. - Merilille

One of the greatest power ballad songs of all time


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8 Crimson Thunder
9 At the End of the Rainbow
10 The Dragon Lies Bleeding

Puts the Power in Power Metal.

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? The Champion
? I Believe

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11 Let the Hammer Fall

Classic song, reminiscent of TNT's 'Knights of the Thunder'...which is a good fact, a great thing!

12 No Sacrifice, No Victory
13 Secrets

My personal favorite, my favorite Hammerfall riffs and insane solo

14 Renegade

This song was part of my childhood.

15 Natural High

The chorus has that thing not many songs have! All time favourite from HammerFall!

16 Riders On the Storm

This is a great song

17 Between Two Worlds

One of the best...

18 Punish and Enslave
19 Always Will Be
20 Hector's Hymn
21 Legacy of Kings
22 Steel Meets Steel
23 Let's Get It On
24 Ravenlord
25 Templars of Steel

Just Amazing, the best!

Best song Hammerfall and of all time. This song introduced me to Hammerfall and Will Always be mycket favourite

So underrated here... one of their best.

Just the best song ever! just a little bit too long forplay

26 Hammerfall

Seriously?!?!? My favorite Hammerfall song, fast, amazing rift, such an amazing powermetal. This is true powermetal!

27 Remember Yesterday
28 One of a Kind
29 Never, Ever

I guarantee you all, if you don't like this song anytime, you can kick me, slap me, I bet you all will like this!
It should be the best song!
Forever Hammerfall m/

30 Dreams Come True

This should be in top 10! I fell in love with a guy after he dedicated this to me :')

31 Hallowed Be My Name

Such an amazing song

32 I Want Out (Helloween Cover)
33 Hero's Return

Should be higher. Give it a listen.

34 Fury of the Wild
35 Threshold
36 Hammer of Justice
37 A Legend Reborn
38 The Metal Age
39 Origins
40 Bushido

New song, pretty good! - phil4134

Deserves to be in top 10

41 Reign of the Hammer
42 Titan
43 The Templar Flame
44 Carved In Stone

Wonderful song

45 In Memoriam
46 The Fire Burns Forever

First song I heard from Hammerfall and it will always be my favorite.

47 The Unforgiving Blade
48 Living In Victory
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1. Any Means Necessary
2. Last Man Standing
3. Natural High
1. Blood Bound
2. Heeding the Call
3. Any Means Necessary
1. Hearts on Fire
2. Crimson Thunder
3. Heeding the Call

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