Best Handguns In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The Top Ten

1 .44 Magnum

The Magnum with akimbo is basically like a shotgun up close because its two shot kill so when you have akimbo you just tap both triggers and your victim will just simply DIE. The Desert Eagle is also a good gun but the CoD4 Deagle is way better because this one is inaccurate and has very high recoil.

The.44 Magnum is a great handgun that is strong and accurate. Its greatest perk is akimbo because you don't really need to aim down the site anyway so it makes it a lot stronger.

2 Desert Eagle

A very stong gun. Its best attachments would have to be Akimbo for double the pain or Tactical Knife if you want to kill your enemy quietly...

3 M9
4 USP .45
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