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61 G18

It is the best machine pistol of all time

62 FNX-9

FNX-45 and 40 made it to the top 3, no idea why this one isn't up with them. Same great quality just in my favourite caliber.

Yep, great gun, it should be up at the top.

The Sig P226 is the only 9mm that I like better than this FN. Very well made, reliable, and very accurate. Quite a few Glock owners have tried to trade me out of it, I said no, but I did loan it to them for their CCW because I wanted them to pass

63 Grand Power K100

Often ovr looked-just a smooth reliable weapon.

64 Smith & Wesson Model 39
65 Browning BDM
66 Colt M1911A1

This gun helped win World War Two end of discussion

This has been the standard service weapon from WWI to Vietnam. It is still used limitedly by the U.S. military, the FBIl, police forces, and other countries around the world. It is the AK-47 of all handguns.

67 Five-Seven

Hands down the best hand gun for combat/personal definitely. 20-30 round mag, light, armor penetrating. Best accuracy etc. only issue is ammo scarcity...

Lik further up the list 5.7 is at no 4

68 FNS 9mm

Made in USA,Stainless barrel and Slide,17 plus one. Feels nice in the hand. What's not too LIKE?

69 Glock 23

I've been shooting my Glock 23 for a long time and initial stove piping was cured by finally getting all the green sticky assembly lube removed & now love shooting this.40 S&W as my go to gun (right after my Python which due to increased value is sitting on the sidelines).

.40 does NOT have the stopping power of a .45 or the capacity and reliability of a 9mm..40 is very high pressure and will wear out your gun FAST! Also, since the Glock 23 is literally a Glock 19 built for a different round, it is less reliable.

All the power of the 45 cal round in a smaller size bullet so you can carry almost as many as a 9mm PLUS glock reliability and manual of arms... If you can handle the recoil its probably the best weapon on the planet.

70 Taurus PT917C

In all pistols I used I rate PT917C best conformable grip, not heavy had a very very accurate aims never jem, it's not getting warm even after 34 rounds, I also like it's safety devices wow try it.

71 SIG Sauer M1911

Is a well made powerful weapon that combat tested

72 Walther P22

Very good pistol for target shooting at the range. Fun to shoot

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74 BUL M-5

The best crafted handgun from Israel..

75 Springfield TRP

One of the best guns I have every shoot

76 Heckler & Koch P7

Most compact / accurate / reliable with any ammo. Nothing else comes close.

Nothing quite as good. Too bad they stopped making them.

One of the best pistols ever made.

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77 Taurus 608

Long or short barrel versions are great! For most people an auto loader is a bad choice, too much upkeep. Wheel guns are the thing for the rank and file. Never had one jam, not so the auto loader.

78 22 Magnum

Powerfull, not that popular, but is the best!

Fun and powerful, especially if you can get an Automag II with a 4.5" barrel.

The perfect defense round, why is it no one can make a 20 rd. auto pistol that does not fail. Even a revolver would be nice. Take a colt 22 long rifle and make it dbl. action revolver and make it into a 22 mag. and keep the size small. Where is John Browning

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79 Glock 21

I got one for my wife and after put lots of rounds at the range I have to say is an outstanding weapon

In my opinion the best 45.

Low recoil and very very relieable great duty gun.

80 Glock 22

I have, couldn't be happier. Powerful round with the reach of a 9mm and the punch of A.45. The round awesome, the handgun is amazing. Never had a problem with other words, nothing but pleasant things to say.

No Brainer but has strong kick

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