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81 BUL M-5

The best crafted handgun from Israel..

82 Heckler & Koch P7

Most compact / accurate / reliable with any ammo. Nothing else comes close.

Nothing quite as good. Too bad they stopped making them.

One of the best pistols ever made.

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83 Girsan Yavuz 16 Compact MC
84 Llama Minimax.45
85 22 Magnum

Powerfull, not that popular, but is the best!

Fun and powerful, especially if you can get an Automag II with a 4.5" barrel.

The perfect defense round, why is it no one can make a 20 rd. auto pistol that does not fail. Even a revolver would be nice. Take a colt 22 long rifle and make it dbl. action revolver and make it into a 22 mag. and keep the size small. Where is John Browning

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86 Glock 21

I got one for my wife and after put lots of rounds at the range I have to say is an outstanding weapon

In my opinion the best 45.

Low recoil and very very relieable great duty gun.

87 Glock 22

I have, couldn't be happier. Powerful round with the reach of a 9mm and the punch of A.45. The round awesome, the handgun is amazing. Never had a problem with other words, nothing but pleasant things to say.

No Brainer but has strong kick

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