Best Hannah Montana Episodes

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1 Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office

This is totally awesome... I hope it never stopped

I love this episod

2 I'll Always Remember You

Miley tells her secret and I love the song I'll Always Remember You that plays

I cried during this episode, why?! Why did you have to take off your wig?!

I like it but the little characters singing get annoying

I've always been in love with this episode

3 What I Don't Like About You
4 Cheat It
5 Promma Mia

The sweetest thing ever... how Miley gave up a duet with David Archuleta to go to the prom with the school nerd to make him feel great and have a great time. Best episode ever.

Totally the best episode! This was so sweet! Great how she went out with him. Did you see his expression at the end? So sweet!

I love the song that miley and david sing together so awesome

I love the song with David at the end

6 He Could Be the One

Its awesome simple answer and that song one of her best

This episode was the greatest episode it was funny, and intense at the same time 😂 my favorite episode 👌💖

7 Ready, Set, Don't Drive

This show is the best one

It is so funny!

This episode is very hilarious especially when she tried to prove the kid that she was Hannah Montana

8 Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?

I think its good

its good

The very first episode. the best episode e v e r

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam

9 On the Road Again

You are rock star the best singer in the whole world ever, and I vote for you for the best scene of Hannah Montana the movie, and you are best friend forever from yasmine.

Well that true that hannah or miley is best and all her episodes are fab but really these are most intresting episodes.

Best episode ever :D

That I really like hannah Montana I like till I cry asking the lord may I see her but I know I can't see her I in Guyana and she in america but hannah Montana if you read this you would understand my feeling I like your brother and father not forgeting you beautiful bestfriend lily that is my called namne in school mily if you get this massage send me a message on facebok as akelia hunte

10 Wherever I Go
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11 Miley Says Good Bye

I love miley says goodbye ps: but its sad:(

12 Me Mr Jonas Mr Jonas and Mr.jonas

Don't you think its cool when hannah meet with the jonas'

who doesn't like the jonas brothers?


13 I Want You to Want Me... to Go to Florida

I just love the ending

14 When You Wish You Were a Star
15 Achy Jakey Heart

It's so good! They should make more episodes with jake ryan in them

16 No Sugar Sugar
17 The Wheel On My Bed Keeps On Turning

I can not get enough of this episode. I love the drama of Lilly moving away. When I saw it on TV I was thrilled. You know why? Because I Jessica saw it being filmed. My uncle got my, mom, dad and I tickets. Their was only one change. Miley didn't speak in the weird voice when it was on TV. maybe it is because the episode was too long. My favorite part is when Miley goes to sleep on her first night with Lilly. My favorite person on HM is Lilly. A. K. A. Emily Osment. Thank you the top tens for giving me the chance to post this.

Owww, I will never forget the reaction of Jackson. All the other episodes are good, but this is definitely the B E S T F O R E V E R. My stomach still hurts of all the laughing

Loved lily moving in

18 Super Stitious Girl
19 It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To
20 Knock Knock Knockin' On Jackson's Head

Because Jackson forgets everything after he hits his head hard

They both (hannah n jackson) fights like hw me n my sis fights lol

21 It's The End Of Jake As We Know It
22 Smells Like Teen Sellout
23 Honestly I Love You (No, Not You)
24 Been Here All Along
25 Bad Moose Rising
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