Best Hannah Montana Songs

The Top Ten Best Hannah Montana Songs

1 Nobody's Perfect

I love this song. It has so many great messages, and I sing it to myself at the end of hard days. - marisolsanchez

2 Rockstar

The new rare version in Walmart's official Album of dis song is amazing than original

3 The Best of Both Worlds

Very catchy - marisolsanchez

THE most memorable theme song ever! - sorinonil

4 Supergirl
5 One In a Million
6 It's All Right Here
7 He Could Be the One
8 Wherever I Go

Very sensible! - sorinonil

9 I'll Always Remember You

I love this! - marisolsanchez

10 You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home

The Contenders

11 I Got Nerve
12 I Wanna Know You
13 The Climb

When I first heard this song, I thought it had good messages that no other song had, but I didn't really understand them. Then I got bullied at school, came home and listened to this song, and I understood every word. I just kept playing it over and over again. - marisolsanchez

Sensible! - sorinonil

14 Been Here All Along
15 If We Were a Movie
16 True Friend
17 Let's Do This
18 We Got the Party

+ Jonas Brothers! - sorinonil

19 Let's Get Crazy
20 Life's What You Make It
21 Just Like You

Cool too - sorinonil

22 Barefoot Cinderella
23 Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)
24 Who Said
25 The Other Side of Me
26 Are You Ready
27 Gonna Get This
28 This Is the Life

Cool! - sorinonil

29 Ready, Set, Don't Go
30 Pumpin' Up the Party
31 Every Part of Me
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