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41 Broken Arrow

Although it doesn't match up to the intensity or genius of inception or dark night. Broken Arrow is certainly a soundtrack which is yet another feather on Zimmers hat.. Simply amazing music.. Its almost like a perfect match for the treachery of John Travolta.

42 The Simpsons Movie The Simpsons Movie
43 The Ring The Ring

The score means so much more in a horror movie and Hans Zimmer, Henning Lohner and Martin Tillman definitely deliver. Music works on so many diffrent emotional levels and give the movie a creepy but also sad and suspensful atmosphere.

44 Mission: Impossible II Mission: Impossible II

Injection is still my favorite Hans Zimmer music.

This was infact my favorite.

45 As Good As It Gets As Good As It Gets
46 The Power of One The Power of One

The Power of One
Release date: May 19, 1992
PHENOMENAL SOUNDTRACK! It moves my to tears, to joy... My absolute favorite soundtrack of all time! Rare - difficult to get as it's out of print but you can still find it on eBay cd's from time to time... Well wort the purchase! Years of playing and I never tire of it!

47 Rain Man Rain Man

This is when I discovered Hans Zimmer and since am a big fan. Did a lot of daydreaming with this music.

First music debut by Hans Zimmer, still neat but a little aged.

48 Backdraft Backdraft

The movie score that makes you feel heroic, a great score.

49 Hannibal Hannibal V 1 Comment
50 Driving Miss Daisy Driving Miss Daisy
51 Black Rain Black Rain

A stylish mix of Japanese and American culture in a 80's synth package

52 Cool Runnings Cool Runnings
53 12 Years A Slave

One of the greatest emotional movies of all time with one of Hans Zimmer's best score.

Epic soundtrack I just love "Solomon."

54 Chappie Chappie

Chsppie is the best electronic soundtrack of HAns zimmer

55 Frost/Nixon Frost/Nixon
56 Days of Thunder Days of Thunder
57 Thelma & Louise Thelma & Louise
58 The Road to El Dorado The Road to El Dorado
59 The Peacemaker The Peacemaker
60 The Pledge The Pledge
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