Top Ten Best Hanson Songs

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1 MMMBop

I think most people know MMMbop more than any of their other songs. Sad really they have way better songs.

Nice innovation of a tune "mmmmbop"


2 Weird

When I was only a little girl this song could transmit to me something that was just like my felling at time... and whit 13 years old you are weird and try to find out the world...

This was the first song that I heard from Hanson and needless to say I have been a big fan ever since...
"You don't stand out. But you don't fit in" LOVE THIS LINE.

I think I would still be listening to this 10 years later.

3 Penny & Me

Love this song... It is awesome. Every time I listen to this song, I fall in love with it. Just awesome... Beautiful music and lyrics which you can just get immersed into. WOW

4 If Only
5 This Time Around

This song rocks! Anthemic song

Favorite song + music video right now

6 Been There Before
7 Lost Without Each Other

Hanson firing on all cylinders. - 5MoreMinutes

8 Go
9 Where's the Love

Greatest song. My favorite Hanson song

10 I Will Come to You

This should be right up the top, it is one of the best songs from the 90s. Who wrote this list? - chloewebb01

I love this song can have it on repat

The Contenders

11 Save Me
12 Crazy Beautiful
13 Underneath
14 Even When You're Gone
15 Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
16 Thinking of You
17 Yearbook
18 Great Divide
19 Me, Myself and I
20 Man from Milwaukee
21 A Minute Without You
22 Wake Up
23 Runaway Run
24 Watch Over Me
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