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1 Flippy and Flaky

While they may never be the couple many fans hope, one must admit that they have quite a beautiful friendship, even though they have killed each other many times, sometimes on purpose. Their friendship wasn't very strong in the earlier episodes, but you can see how it grew. Note these examples:

Party Animal- Flaky hands Flippy a cake knife, and he almost flipped, but resisted. I wasn't until she was far away that he flipped, and didn't kill her even when she was there in front of him (she was defenseless, but still).

Random Acts of Silence- Flaky came and he, as Fliqpy, didn't hurt her. He simply gave her a warning and nothing else.

Without a Hitch- Flippy didn't flip, not even once, even when he had a knife at hand. It was all in Flaky's paranoid imagination.

Double Whammy Part 1- And of course, this episode. He went on his usual rampage, and it was Flaky's scream the only thing that made him snap out of it.

Now if those aren't clues of how strong ...more

Because they can be both shy and they love each other too! Also me and my friends voted for me to be flaky and my friend Nik is flippy and me and him said they should be the best couple EVER!


It looks good

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2 Cuddles and Giggles

They are the only couple that makes sense! All the other ones are weird!

No offense, but isn't this the couple most people debate about since Giggles is seen with other guys?

Pretty sure this is a canon ship

The cuttest couple ever of HTF.

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3 Petunia and Handy

Cutest couple ever! (Besides Flippy and Flaky) - Dinojay

They are a perfect match

They are a great match

They are so cute together
Apparent to everyone in the show they are the real couple
And also the cutest

They're not a real couple petunia gets wet over lumpy cro marmot and mime - ihatetrump

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4 Giggles and Splendid

I always thought splendid have a crush on giggles.

I think Splendid and Giggles are The best couple.


5 Flippy and Splendid

gay - top10epic

Rly? 22 place? This ship is one of the best HTF yaoi ships! It's so cute and stuff >.<

6 Flaky and Splendid

I felt bad when she died like that because 1. It would be horrible to die in a fart storm and 2. It would be very painful being skinned and having your body melt.

It was hilarious when Splendid Farted really massively while Flaky dies because she chokes on the smell while she gets skinned because splendid's fart was acid

It is bad to fart on a girl. Don't forget that Splendid!

Why are three people talking about how he farted on her? - ihatetrump

7 Nutty and Flaky

Nope I hate this ship because in the episode party animal, flaky was blown up like a balloon due to an allergic reaction from peanuts and nutty just pushed her out of his way just to get candy.Wow. I prefer flippy and flaky since they're a cute couple,but this?! Nope, not a good ship. Not a good ship at all. The worst ship in the HTF universe is this ship.

Hell no!

Really like this one :3
At least in that couple flaky isn't hurted, raped or straight out afraid (like the fans make her with flippy, hell even the creators made flaky afraid of flippy).
Also flaky has shown to behave different with nutty, more calm (i mean she slaps his hand away when he wants to steal some candy for the baking that was cute and showed flaky in a different way). obviously she is more comfortable with nutty as with anyone else, and nutty well he is fun so I can just imagen how much fun those two could be laugh out loud.

8 Flaky and Cuddles

They're really cute together! Cuddles is one of the few characters that actually wants to hang out with her and he always tries to motivate her because she's afraid of stuff

I disagree because whenever Cuddles and Flaky get together, it gets them both in trouble.

I actually prefer this instead Giggles and Cuddles, but I rather see flippy and flaky

9 Shifty and Flaky

Shifty is a thief. Flaky is a porcupine. Can we not? They have never interacted and they're both cartoons.

Flaky is Ahisy

10 Flippy and Fliqpy

Reason why? I think it would be a love-hate relationship with more hate then love but I can imagine fliqpy slightly caring about flippy

It is bad to fart on a girl. Don't forget that Splendid!

This pairing is so cute I even gave them a kid named Blooders (Evil Alter ego named Blood)

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11 Lumpy and Flaky

No. Just no!

12 Sniffles and Nutty

This is gay. They are both boys.

Is this love or best friends

I don't know they giggled at jokes in the library & sniffles tryed to help nutty get clean I think that's all you could really want in a ship

Definitely an OTP!

13 Giggles and Toothy
14 Lumpy and Russell

They are both boys wha the heck

They are cute

15 Lammy and Truffles
16 Flippy and Lammy

I don't know why nobody ships this. They need to meet on the actual show so they can kill things together... that's considered romantic in the HTF-verse, right?

17 Flaky and Lammy
18 Giggles and Nutty

Ale is not on this list and should be on this list because she is not a happy tree friends character

19 Flaky and Disco Bear

Are u joking.

20 Mime and Sniffles


21 Nutty and Sniffles
22 Ants and Sniffles

This isn't a couple

23 Petunia and Toothy
24 Pop and Cub

What the heck, they are father and son. - BlazingParasol

what - ihatetrump

25 Cuddles and Handy

This is wrong

26 Flaky and Toothy
27 Sniffles and Splendid

A friend of mine has a OTP... of Sniffles and Splendid. And I totally agree on that. They just go together so cute!

28 Mime and Mole
29 Lifty and Shifty
30 Flaky and Giggles' mom
31 Giggles and Her Mom

Why do people even ship this crap? - BlazingParasol


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