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1 Flippy and Flaky

While they may never be the couple many fans hope, one must admit that they have quite a beautiful friendship, even though they have killed each other many times, sometimes on purpose. Their friendship wasn't very strong in the earlier episodes, but you can see how it grew. Note these examples:

Party Animal- Flaky hands Flippy a cake knife, and he almost flipped, but resisted. I wasn't until she was far away that he flipped, and didn't kill her even when she was there in front of him (she was defenseless, but still).

Random Acts of Silence- Flaky came and he, as Fliqpy, didn't hurt her. He simply gave her a warning and nothing else.

Without a Hitch- Flippy didn't flip, not even once, even when he had a knife at hand. It was all in Flaky's paranoid imagination.

Double Whammy Part 1- And of course, this episode. He went on his usual rampage, and it was Flaky's scream the only thing that made him snap out of it.

Now if those aren't clues of how strong ...more

Flippy and Flaky are cutest couple in htf ever and favorite character in my childhood.. because.. first of all I watch happy tree friends when I'm 9 years old on my birthday and I love the htf series and I did already ship them flippy and flaky because all the htf episode I seen all hit's secret feelings each other.. in without the hitch flippy always helping with flaky but I know flaky kill flippy and flippy date giggles but I know that's a before now hehe.. but in double whammy... Of course flippy flip out turn into flipqy of his ptsd flashback in War and flaky scream at flipqy and flippy back to normal now.. and I hope mondo media and the american/filipino director but I'm filipino too.. start new htf series in 2020 and chances if there's flippy x flaky moment I will be really happy for it but please I saw all about fan's girl create own character themselves because they fell in love flippy so much but come on.. they are not real at all but I don't hate them of their own character ...more

"I don't know why a lot of people hate this ship. They said it's because of the age hap amd the fact that Flippy kills Flaky a lot. I don't believe them. Flippy's age was never specified and as for Fliqpy, there were se times where he didn't kill Flaky (because of the code of honor) except in the episode Random Acts of Silence."

Fliqpy killed Flaky in the movie theatre episode, campfire episode, hide and seek episode, and the episode where Lumpy kills Flippy and loses his skin. FLAKY killed FLIPPY in Without a Hitch. FliPpy kills Flaky in Happy Trails. GOOD FLIPPY KILLED HER!

2 Cuddles and Giggles

Yeps. with giggles however it's hard. she is the obvious female charakter in a show like HTF you would use as an funny romantic plot, because she is extemly girly, cute and well she is pink. pink is the color of cuteness and love (well more red but it's HTF, red is for blood ). however with cuddles there was more thought put into and it fitted perfect. it wasn't awkward as with flippy or russel (mostly awkward because flippy is from war means he might be over 40, same kinda with russel, also mole. giggles mostly is shown very young or an young adult, it was weird). also cuddles isn't the cause of her death so that counts as something
Those two are just adorable.

No offense, but isn't this the couple most people debate about since Giggles is seen with other guys?

They are the only couple that makes sense! All the other ones are weird!

Cuddles and Giggles are cute together ever and perfect !

3 Lifty and Shifty
4 Giggles and Her Mom
5 Ants and Sniffles
6 Handy and the Mole
7 Petunia and Handy

Kinda interesting, besides of that giggles is used as the love interest (guess because she is extremly girly, cute and pink, hehe simple as that) with petunia it was only with handy and gosh was it adorable. a nice couple and happy couple :3

Everything you ship in htf is bad. Compared to this ship (and cuddles and giggles)

Cutest couple ever! (Besides Flippy and Flaky)

They are a perfect match

8 Giggles and Splendid

I always thought splendid have a crush on giggles.

I think Splendid and Giggles are The best couple.

9 Nutty and Flaky

Really like this one :3
At least in that couple flaky isn't hurted, raped or straight out afraid (like the fans make her with flippy, hell even the creators made flaky afraid of flippy).
Also flaky has shown to behave different with nutty, more calm (i mean she slaps his hand away when he wants to steal some candy for the baking that was cute and showed flaky in a different way). obviously she is more comfortable with nutty as with anyone else, and nutty well he is fun so I can just imagen how much fun those two could be laugh out loud.

10 Flaky and Splendid

My sis just said he stalks her

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? Russell and Handy
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11 Flippy and Splendid

Rly? 22 place? This ship is one of the best HTF yaoi ships! It's so cute and stuff >.<

Best ship ever sail! LOL!

12 Flippy and Fliqpy

Reason why? I think it would be a love-hate relationship with more hate then love but I can imagine fliqpy slightly caring about flippy

Kinda cute actually...

13 Cuddles and Toothy

Nemao said on his twitter that he regrets making Toothy gay. So the one argument here for this ship is bust.

toothy and cuddles is basic but right m'kay?

14 Flaky and Cuddles

They're really cute together! Cuddles is one of the few characters that actually wants to hang out with her and he always tries to motivate her because she's afraid of stuff

15 Shifty and Flaky

Flaky and Shifty would make a very strange couple, but it would be cool to see how it would work out.

Flaky is Ahisy

16 Flaky and Lammy
17 Sniffles and Nutty

Is this love or best friends

I don't know they giggled at jokes in the library & sniffles tryed to help nutty get clean I think that's all you could really want in a ship

Definitely an OTP!

18 Lumpy and Flaky
19 Lammy and Truffles
20 Lumpy and Russell
21 Giggles and Toothy
22 Flippy and Lammy

I don't know why nobody ships this. They need to meet on the actual show so they can kill things together... that's considered romantic in the HTF-verse, right?

23 Lammy and Mime
24 Mime and Sniffles

Yup...Mime and Sniffles are both cute and charming because
Those Eyes are same but different shape
It's because of those fanarts

25 Nutty and Sniffles
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