Best Happy Wheels Characters

Best characters from the highly addictive game, Happy Wheels!

The Top Ten

Irresponsible Dad

Phrases to utter when using this character:
Screw you Billy!
One man, and his bastard child.
If at first you don't succeed, scream at Billy's face!

IRRESPONSIBLE DAD: Excellent balance, lightweight, able to flip vehicle easily, can brake, and go do a decent speed, not to mention the two cameras available due to the multiple characters! Also, excellent for bottle runs, and can survive arrows guns fairly well, incredibly well if arrows are fired from behind while the kid is still in place (i.E. using you child as a meat sheild is very wise)

I watch Nova on YouTube and he always plays with the dad all his greatest moments are with the dad. Lets face it, the dad is the icon of Happy Wheels, oh and don't forget little boy!

He is the BEST guy
I love him and the LITTLEBOY
He is so easy to control MAYBE a little too easy and he is fast

Segway Guy

Segway guy is the one I would always use if I could. He is the best one out of the rest. His Jumping Scooter thing is a helpful vehicle to have. GO SEGWAY GUY.

He is actually the all-around character. He can jump high and go fast. I find him in these stats just as good as effective shopper, but she falls on her back too much, and is so obese that she can't get up.

Segway is the best and the fastest (without boosts). Unfortunately he is probably the weakest and a slight fall will cause his legs the crumble off. But it doesn't matter cause he is the best ever!

Segway Guy is simple to figure out and I would recommend him as a character to use when you are just getting started with Happy Wheels. When you start to improve your skills, he will be even more useful and can go fast.

Wheelchair Guy

Legend speaks of a man... a man with the power... the power of a het propelled wheelchair... and his name was... Wheelchair Willy

He is pretty hard to control but WOW he just so super fast with his boosts! Very good for speed running a map because he goes very fast and is average with stayin alive

This guy is very popular because by holding space, you can go faster and float in midair.

If your good enough you can fly with his jets

Lawnmower Man

Hell yeah! He shreds any human entities in his way, can jump alright, and his vehicle can take a beating!

Best lines in the game, and best ability, but sadly eating people up is hard because they stupid heads keep ricocheting off the floor.

He's just the buff and tough guy, and can push through heavy obstacles faster than others

He is the most durable character of them all, but not necessarily the best.

Pogostick Man

Pogostick Man is definitely one of my favorite characters. He's slow and can take some getting used to, but he can jump over a lot of obstacles and he can survive a lot. Overall useful and fun once you get used to him.

He is one of the slowest characters in Happy Wheels but he can jump very high and can dodge obstacles with his jumps

My opinion about Pogo stick man is he can jump really high a lot of stages are for Pogo stick man but he is the hardest and some rope swings are made for him.

He is one of the most difficult characters to use which is what makes me love Pogostick man even more! Plus, he's on a pogostick, that's pretty cool

Effective Shopper

She is very fast and can spring very high but the one bad thing is if she is leaning too far left or right then she is stuck like a turtle on its back. And awesome challenge is to try and keep all her food in the basket

Another heavyweight, she, like the Lawnmower Guy, can jump. Why isn't she higher on the list?

Whenever her food drops out, I tell her, "Don't worry ma'am, you can go shopping AFTER we get outta this place"!

Shes so awesome! Shes one of the highest jumpers in the game and can easly mow through obsticals with speed

Santa Claus

My favorite level about Santa he can complete some levels that are made for him and he has good elves.

I Love Santa and His Elves Are So Poor

I think every game needs a Santa character, or figure.

Santa always loved the poon

Moped Couple

They're quite practical and extremely fast. I love to use the boost. They're quite useful, and they have very good balance. I remember I once pressed the space bar when I was in thin air, and I boosted just like that! They're a pretty awesome bunch. Besides, who can forget their death cries? You gotta love the drama.

I haven't played as them much, but I have one thing to say...


Moped Couple is my favorite for these levels he has perfect balance and he is also really fast.

There Unique For There Double Use Of Characters

Irresponsible Mom

It's Kind of like irresponsible Dad, Only the character has a kid in a basket and a kid in the back, it's a kind of good character. That is my opinion.

You can back wheelie on your third wheel.

It's a female Irresponsible dad, with a baby that EJECTS off the bike. Too bad the other kid makes the bike crumble easily.

It's a cool character

Explorer Guy

Another hard to master guy, once you get the hang of him, you can CLING ONTO WALLS!

Explorer Guy is a master his wheels are fast but he still a little hard.

The Aquaman of Happy Wheels, since NO levels have rails.

He is very fast when used properly, but sometimes he may be a bit hard to control. But if you use it properly, it can yield you quick speedruns.

The Contenders

Helicopter Man

Yet another hard to play character, you can pick up metallic objects with your magnet. But once the thing you need to fly is gone, you're screwed.

I've learned to control him and even was able to throw a car with the magnet! I smell your lies

I use him if only necessary, and some to cheat.

Helicopter Man Sucks, He's SO hard to control!

Jetpack Guy

He is not a character, but if you use explorer guy or helicopter guy and attach a jet to theme, ITS WICKED AWESOME!

This is a new idea, but this become my explorer Guy weak do.


Rides on a bike with his mom Rachel (irresponsible mom) and big sister Abigail while his older brother Billy rides with his dad Bobby (irresponsible dad) because Rachel and Bobby got divorced

The last-popular Guy is on the Bike on the most-popular Guy and the Guy, why not right exist, is even popular as Timmy. Irony.


Pizza Delivery Man

He has a motorcycle I know because I saw the new update yes.

your cool

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