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1 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of Robert Plant (Vocal), Jimmy Page (Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass, Keyboard) and John Bonham (Drums). The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition more.

Some of the most beautiful, blissful music of all time by four of the greatest artists of a generation that has gone through slow disintegration by society, change and frustrating misfortune.

Rebellion! Queen sucks when compared to Led Zeppelin. The 70s were ruled by jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Freddie Mercury was great but Queen just wasn't hard rock. They were too soft. Led Zeppelin is one of the top bands in rock history ever...

Queen were not at all soft. Do you know that the first thrash song was written by Freddie in 1968 and recorded a bit later? (Stone Cold Crazy). Metallica did a cover. - Metal_Treasure

They're one of the hottest rock band and the look to match... Really breath taking!

Trampled Under Foot & Boogie With Stu...PARTY TIME!

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2 Queen Queen Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970. Members were Freddie Mercury (Vocals and Piano), Brian May (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, Vocals), and John Deacon (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Before forming into Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in a band named Smile. Freddie Mercury more.

QUEEN - THE GREATEST BAND ON EARTH! Absolutely the most perfect band! They could do hard rock, as hard as any of them, minus the cacophonous screaming. Freddie's voice was so magnificent, and Not screeching, that that's probably why some don't consider them 'hard' rock. But they could do it all, from amazing thrash, like Stone Cold Crazy and Dead On Time, to the loveliness of Love Of My Life and Barcelona and Save Me. They were the most eclectic band ever, perfecting over 40 genres of music!
Maybe some of Brian's hard edge got tempered by Freddie's phenomenal vocals, but all 4 were such genius musicians, brilliant in everything they did. Freddie got the job done w/out resorting to the 'shriek' technique; his voice was too gorgeous to sound anything but gorgeous, but never to shy away from anything, he certainly didn't shy away from being hard rock all the way w/ Bri, Roger, and John right behind him, passionately displaying all their genius & talent!
QUEEN - BOLD - BRAZEN - ...more

Queen was truly the best one of a kind rock/hard rock band... Long live freddie...

This is not rock, it's unadulterated pop - easy listening for the simple minded.

You could never call the early albums pop by any stretch of the imagination.
Liar, Ogre Battle, March of the Black Queen et al. Obviously somebody has no idea who the band is.

3 Deep Purple Deep Purple Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although their musical approach changed over the years. Originally formed as a progressive rock band, the band shifted to a heavier sound in 1970. Deep Purple, more.

Don't even consider smoke on the water... The entire in rock album, machine head and fireball and burn absolutely amazing

Really hard rocking band always smoke on the water

The most talented, creative, innovative, technical and advanced = THE BEST.
R. Blackmore alone is a whole music universe. The best guitar player on this list - the fastest and most technical. Jimmy Page himself admitted Ritchie had always been a step ahead.
The best band live (Made In Japan; other live performances - their improvisations can't be touched).
DP were ahead of their time, esp. their experiments with a new, non-bluesy heavy sound, now known as metal.
DP were "the globe's loudest band" of the 70s, officially listed in the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records. Their loudest show was in Copenhagen, Denmark, and there's an interesting fact - Lars Ulrich of Metallica was in the crowd. He was blown away and this show made him wanna play something that loud and fast one day. He was also mesmerized by Ian Paice double bass on Fireball (saw this for the first time). - Metal_Treasure

4 Aerosmith Aerosmith Aerosmith is an American rock band, sometimes referred to as "the Bad Boys from Boston" and "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band".

'Merica! Steven Tyler and Joe Perry rock! Dream on, mama kin, walk this way, sweet emotion, back in the saddle.

5 Rush Rush Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their current members Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.

As progressive Rock goes, this band epitomized the art of Mastering your craft. 3 Men sounding like a 5-Piece (even live) were incredible musicians and have kept it going for 40 years intact

Rush took music to a new level! They created a unique combination of prog rock, hard rock, and other influences with is completely unlike any other band.

6 Uriah Heep Uriah Heep Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in London in 1969 that was one of the top rock bands in the early 1970s. Twelve of the band's albums have made it to the UK Albums Chart (Return to Fantasy reached No. 7 in 1975). Uriah Heep's distinctive features include a massive keyboard sound, strong vocal more.

Uriah Heep, before Queen pioneered the thick harmonies coupled with a heavy guitar attack. Still musically valid and highly under-rated, they are still touring avidly to this day, unlike many of their contemporaries.

They were underrated, because they were mostly way way ahead of their time, hence the average, "mainstream" listener, too. Incredibly musical & experimental plus great lyrics... One could still go on...

One of the best bands ever and still going strong. Mick Box is a incredible guitarist

Most underrated band out there. So beautiful songs and music

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7 AC/DC AC/DC AC/DC are a Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014. They were fronted by Bon Scott until his untimely death due to alcohol poisoning in 1980, after which they hired Brian Johnson to more.

These guys were good in the 70's, but it's in the 80's when they exploded

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll

Best rock and roll band of all time for me

Whole lotta Rosie, high way to hell, long way to the top,
ACDC should be right up there number 1 me and my brother the age of 8 and 10 are obsessed with ACDC we've got to dogs called Rosie and Bon ACDC Rock on

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8 KISS KISS Kiss is an American hard rock band formed in New York City in January 1973 by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the band's original manager, Lew Linet.

Queen please who is doing this list kiss is and always will be the best hard rock band of all time period queen what morons

KISS was the best visually and musically. Every fan had a favorite member an each member was distinct in many ways.

You wanted the best and you've got the best! The hottest band in the land... KISS!

Kiss was the best hard rock band of the 1970's...

9 Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Pink Floyd were an English progressive rock band formed in London. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. The band consisted of 5 members - David Gilmour (Vocals and Guitar), Syd Barrett (Vocals and Guitarist), Nick Mason (Drums), Roger Waters (Vocals and Bass), more.

Pink Floyd isn't hard rock and do not belong on this list...

This is, of course, not hard rock and, since the early 70's, what can be best described as musical wallpaper.

Pink Floyd outshine the rest of this top ten by miles as for led zeppelin they were over rated anyway

Get pink floyd off this list. they are not hard rock.

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10 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Black Sabbath were a Heavy Metal band formed in Birmingham, England in 1968 by guitarist and songwriter Tony Iommi, Singer Ozzy Osbourne, Bassist and Main Lyricist Geezer Butler and Drummer Bill Ward. The band got into mainstream after improving after their debut album got negative feedback. In 1978, more.

Black Sabbath, Led Zep, and Deep Purple should be top three.

What a ridiculous list Sabbath at 1 by a mile.

Sabbath, you can actually listen to them.

Leur premier album est un bijou

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11 Nazareth

Shocked to this band at 11. they're very underrated - zxm

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12 Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow are a British rock band led by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore from 1975 to 1984 and 1993 to 1997. They were originally established with Ronnie James Dio as the lead singer and lyricist. Rainbow were ranked No. 90 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. The band has sold over 28 million albums more.

My favorite Rock and Roll band. I prefer it Rainbow over deep purple, especially Dio era. The riffs and the vocals of the first 3 albums are just too good.

Dio + Ritchie Blackmore = the most amazing, powerful and creative tandem ever. - Metal_Treasure

13 April Wine

? April Wine? - If you are going Canadian the go Mahogany Rush.

14 Ted Nugent Ted Nugent
15 Kansas Kansas Kansas is an American rock band that became popular in the 1970s initially on album-oriented rock charts and later with hit singles such as "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind".
16 Van Halen Van Halen Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. From 1974 until 1985, the band consisted of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony.

Once Van Halens debut album came out
Van Halen was one of the greatest debuts of the 70's they should at least be in the Top 3

17 Thin Lizzy Thin Lizzy Thin Lizzy are an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in 1969. Their leader Phil Lynott was composer or co-composer of almost all of the band's songs, and the first black Irishman to achieve commercial success in the field of rock music. Thin Lizzy's most successful songs, "Whiskey in the Jar", "Jailbreak" more.

Not a serious rock group and one that sanitised/popified/generally dumbed down the medium.

One of the best live acts of the seventies,Phil was one of the best song writiers of his day, the band was musically talented, and stayed true to just rocking out. Trulley defined what rock was all about...

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19 Molly Hatchet V 1 Comment
20 Lynyrd Skynyrd Lynyrd Skynyrd Lynyrd Skynyrd is an American rock band best known for popularizing the Southern rock genre during the 1970s They are known for songs like "Free Bird", "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Tuesdays Gone" .
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