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41 Terry Bozzio - Frank Zappa Terry Bozzio - Frank Zappa Terry John "Ted" Bozzio is an American drummer best known for his work with Missing Persons and Frank Zappa.
42 Chad Butler - Switchfoot
43 Virgil Donati
44 Roger Taylor - Queen Roger Taylor - Queen Roger Meddows Taylor is an English musician , multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter born on April 26th,1960 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. He was the drummer of the band Queen and wrote few of many hits such as including Under Pressure, A Kind Of Magic and Radio Ga Ga. Despite being well known in Queen more.

HELLO... ? It's ROGER TAYLOR! From the greatest band in the universe, QUEEN! Roger is AWESOME! Absolutely the Best!

Are you kidding me?! Roger Taylor is the greatest drummer on Earth! Ever!

45 Hellhammer - Dimmu Borgir
46 Arin Ilejay - Avenged Sevenfold
47 Arejay Hale - Halestorm

Sometimes I hear the words "drum solo" at concerts and I groan, wishing it was over. I mean, the drummers who do those solos are good, but they are boring to watch. So when I went to see Halestorm last year and I heard there was going to be a drum solo, my initial thoughts weren't positive. Well, I would like to apologize to Arejay Hale and all of Halestorm if they ever see this. His drum solo was so awesome it blew my mind.

Two words: Criminally Underrated. Watch their "Love Bites" video amongst the live performances and tell me this cat ain't top 20, at least!

48 Shannon Larkin - Godsmack
49 Raymond Herrera Raymond Herrera
50 Eric Singer Eric Singer Eric Singer is an American hard rock and heavy metal drummer, best known as a member of Kiss, portraying The Catman originally played by Peter Criss. V 1 Comment
51 Chad Kent
52 Jukka Nevalainen - Nightwish

Should be at no. 1 position. He's the best

53 Tommy Lee Tommy Lee Thomas Lee Bass, best known as Tommy Lee, is a Greek-American musician and founding member of heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.
54 Jen Ledger - Skillet Jen Ledger - Skillet
55 Mario Duplantier - Gojira Mario Duplantier - Gojira Mario Duplantier is a French musician and artist best known as the drummer of technical death metal band Gojira.

The backbone of Gojira unbelievable player

V 1 Comment
56 Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu - Warfaze

Boss... One of the Best Drummer in Bangladesh...

57 Tico Torres - Bon Jovi
58 Rob Bourdon Rob Bourdon

His work in song REBELLION is awesome

59 Pete Webber - Havok Pete Webber - Havok

He's an amazing artist! Even in person he's chill and likes to mingle with the fans!

60 Troy Lucketta - Tesla
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