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1 Spaceman Spaceman Cover Art

Dude it is an awesome song. It will make you crazy and has got a superb bass and it just rocks. Deserves at least a one a one-time!

Spaceman is THE song everyone should listen and appreciate.
Awesome melody, , awesome beats, , awesome drops... Hardwell you rock!

Hardwell's greatest creation...and I think it's the greatest creation in the history of electronic music...hardwell is the world's best DJ/producer..

The first Hardwell song I've heard...
And was the best...
Just loved it...

2 Apollo Apollo Cover Art

Getting a "we are the lucky ones" tattoo in honor of the impact Hardwell has had on my life. This song is perfect!

This song is amazing it is his best song but all of them are amazing. I like the private cut of this song even more

Best song by hardwell. This should be no1. It is much better than Apollo original mix.

This is by far the best song from hardwell why is it second?
Go hardwell or go home!

3 How We Do How We Do Cover Art

This song is making me crazy!
Awesome beat drop!

Best Hardwell track, some progressive in it. Just amazing!

How We Do Deserves the second place! Such an awesome tune!

Where can I start? This songs is simply amazing. Elevates my moods whenever. Now Streaming hihi

4 Call Me a Spaceman Call Me a Spaceman Cover Art

For me.. This is the best hardwell song ever... Spaceman sounds better with lyrics... Long live hardwell and mitch crown...

It should be 2nd after Spaceman! I can't believe it isn't even in the top ten!

Call me a spaceman must be second or third! This list is very inaccurate

Mitch crown and hardwell combo... Awesome...

5 Dare You

Best of all hardwell's hits, it should be the number one, cause you don't just listen to the beats and the vocals, you feel it!

Awesome melody! Should be in the top three. The vocals sound as if sung by a Female

Best song from HardWell I ever heard. Should be at the top 3.

I think this track would be wear the crown.

6 Zero 76 Zero 76 Cover Art

The beats are really awesome. One of the best from Hardwell.

Hardwell and tiesto e killed it.
It has to be in the top 3!

It's a sick track. Why isn't it number 1?

Damn... Must be number 1...

7 Never Say Goodbye Never Say Goodbye Cover Art

The best tune I ever had, and the best song for ever..

I think it's the best

8 Cobra Cobra Cover Art

This is the first Hardwell Song I heard and really felt like I was out of my body in the arena of crowded Hardwell fans and HARDwell in front of me... This is sure to have this song in top 5

After Spaceman, it is THE best. Look at the subtilities in it. Gives me an eargasm everyrime I hear it. Definitely belongs to top 3.

Well, it is the on 5th or 4th number guys...

One of his best for sure...

9 Everybody is in the Place Everybody is in the Place Cover Art

Best Progressive House! You Must Listen to this Song! You are not Hardwell Fans If you never Listen this song!

How is it so low?! It should be in the top five!

Makes me jump so much!

Should be number 1

10 Nothing Can Hold Us Down Nothing Can Hold Us Down Cover Art

Incredible melody, and combines perctly progressive house with big room, Hardwell just cracked the business with this one!

This is trans is to good trans. I love you my trans.

This song at 38! You guys must be kidding!

This is the best song

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11 Colors Colors Cover Art

The Song is So So Awesome That it can be Heard Ten time Constantly,Love You My bro,...

12 Young Again Young Again Cover Art

This is the Hardwell's best song I've ever heard! It's like this song tells us a story of its own... It should be in the top 1 list! Come on guys!

This is the awesomeness of this song. From bottom of the list to 16th in just 3 days. It should be in at least top three!

This song should be in the top 5!

The best after apollo

13 Three Triangles Three Triangles Cover Art

This song is the whole reason why I am into edm today love dis song and always lifts my mood up, can hear it countless times and still won't get sick of it, love d part when throws all the beat in d end after d drop amd makes it completely chaotic.

Come on how can this be on 20 place?

14 Written In Reverse Written In Reverse Cover Art

The lyrics touch my heart!

15 A Sky Full of Stars - Hardwell Remix

Awesome melody! Just loved it

16 Arcadia Arcadia Cover Art

Wow what an amazing song! It keeps me dancing!

Best beat drop ever heard! Love you hardwell

The beat play is amazing!

Best house track ever

17 Knock You Out (Hardwell Remix)

This is dope!
Had to be on top5

18 Let Me Be Your Home Let Me Be Your Home Cover Art
19 Jumper

This is awesome especially the build towards the climax. It's the most played song on my Playlist so I don't get why it's not top 3

Just love the way the beat starts after he shouts One, Two, Three, GO! Best beat EVER!

One, two, three GO! Amazing track! Must no1!

Awesome! First I heard! Love it!

20 Alive (Hardwell Remix) Alive (Hardwell Remix) Cover Art

Hardwell really did a good job in remixing krewella's hit song! Much love

Its 1 of ba best

21 Countdown

One of the BEST!
Makes one to start jumping and dance!

Sounds too good..Deserves a better spot..

Ever than any one

22 Follow Me Follow Me Cover Art

Must listen to this

23 Animals Animals Cover Art

It is remix of Martin song and the remix is made by hardwell and Martin so it is in 17th number guys.. Don't angry with it...

Superb sound I like it

24 Dynamo Dynamo Cover Art
25 Fifteen
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