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21 Animals Animals

It is remix of Martin song and the remix is made by hardwell and Martin so it is in 17th number guys.. Don't angry with it...

The best currently on my playlist

Martin song who is this foolish

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22 Dynamo Dynamo

This track is super awesome... Should be in the top 10

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23 Fifteen

One of his craziest drops

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24 Encoded Encoded

Volume on.. And it just lifts me up

I really don't understand why it's in the 9th place... :-(

True dance volume! Dance to hardwell's tunes

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25 Eclipse Eclipse

Best Hardwell song since Spaceman and Apollo

This should be in the top ten. One of the best Hardwell songs ever.. !

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26 Man With the Red Face (Hardwell Remix)
27 Hardwell Hardwell Robbert van de Corput, who performs under the stage name Hardwell, is a Dutch big room house and electro house DJ and music producer. V 1 Comment
28 Where Have You Been
29 Off the Hook Off the Hook

Man I expected so much from this track seeing the 2 gods collaborating on it but hell its not even close to their own level

Pretty simple for the two of the world's biggest DJs but it's still surprisingly addicting!

Hardwell's signature intro... AVB's signature build.. And a crazy DROP to top it off!
By far one of the best EDM tracks ever!

30 Ping Pong Ping Pong

Splendid, I think it should be third after spaceman and apollo

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31 Mad World

I think hardwell has shown what he can do in this song. It is a bit of a touching song. I love this song. It should get to number 1 When it is released. He works well with Jake Reese

This is my favourite song this should be number 1

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32 The World The World

This song has an unusual Caribbean vibe to it...
And is not one of those tracks where you just end up with a crazy-drop stuff! This is whatukeeps the club-tempo alive!

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33 Beta Beta
34 United We Are

An incredible progressive house track with both big room and trance elements! Get this to #1!

Are you kidding me?. this song is poorly rated on this list

This song is amazing. It definitely deserves a place in the top 10.

Best song of hardwell

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35 This Is Freedom
36 Echo Echo

The new song from album United we are
It's just epic guys vote for it

37 Escape Escape

It's a great song I think one of his best

This isn't a Hardwell track though...

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38 Don't Let Me Down (Hardwell & Sephyx Remix) Don't Let Me Down (Hardwell & Sephyx Remix)

This Good this remix should be in the top 3

39 Move It 2 the Drum Move It 2 the Drum

I can't even believe its not in top ten, this is bull

Great track with Chuckie...

40 Kontiki Kontiki

Kontiki (with Hardwells 'student' Dannic) is, in my opinion, one of the best Hardwell songs. Try the Dyro remix of the song!

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