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41 Move It 2 the Drum

I can't even believe its not in top ten, this is bull

Great track with Chuckie...

42 Kontiki

Kontiki (with Hardwells 'student' Dannic) is, in my opinion, one of the best Hardwell songs. Try the Dyro remix of the song!

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43 The Dance Floor Is Yours
44 Young Blood

One of the starting tracks of hardwell and he has done a mindblowing work with his mentor, the evergreen Tiƫsto
This track can't be missed and I promise you wont regret listening to it - jazzjazz

45 Area 51

Its different from other hardwell songs but its really cool

46 Calavera
47 Survivors

Should be Higher up the list

That's very amazing song!

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48 Rambo
49 Outside
50 Chameleon
51 Party Till the Daylight

It is a BOMBASTIC and FANTASTIC trance I have ever heard before
This is the number 1 trance of hardwell, this chart is not appropriate, this should be in #1, one of the most craziest instruments are used
# (khatarnak)

52 Gerudo Valley (Hardwell Remix)
53 Run Wild
54 Thinking About You
55 Molotav
56 Don't Stop the Madness

Holy smokes! Just love this song... I know that it came like 2 weeks ago but... It should be the best... Guys please listen to this song!

Hardwell you are best of all

This song was the new best hit back in the days of UNITED WE ARE!
Should easily be in top 10!

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57 Sally

What? R u serious? Come on guys let me help to correct the top 10 sequence... it should be in top 5

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58 Birds Fly V 1 Comment
59 Where Is Here Now
60 Carousel (Music Box)

Secret music of hardwell.. best of the best.. feat martin garrix

Mysterious track from Hardwell!

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