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I hate Ginny. Just because she opened the Chamber of Secrets does not mean she's awesome. Ginny showed up, like, twice in the books and people pretty much made up her personality. They said she was talented, kind, brave, strong, and loyal. Ginny's not that at all. And look how rude she was to the kind, strong, brave, pretty Fleur. Just because Fleur's pretty, Ginny had to step up and call her a cow. Rude. Mean. Menacing. Terrible. Ginny's also a little sassy-pants and jealous girl. Remember how poor Ron accidentally hit a girl and Ginny laughed and embarrassed him in front of everyone? Terrible girl.

Prepare yourselves for a rant...

Okay, so I like Ginny Weasley. She is sweet, kind, and does anything for her friends. She has a sense of humor, and is generally a good person. She goes to the dance with Neville when he can't find anyone else. She sneaks into the shed to ride on her brothers' brooms. She's awesome...

In the books.

But the movies? No. In the movies, Ginny is just a stupid little idiot with no personality. She never reveals her true potential except in a few stupid scenes throughout the series. JK Rowling, how could you let them do this?

I respect Bonnie Wright, and feel sorry for her that she has to play the Harry Potter version of Bella from Twilight. Thank you.

I mean, Ginny is sweet to people like Luna lovegood who gets people be mean to her. Ginny was so scared to even speak to her crush, but since Harry saved her life in the chamber of secrets, she was in the mood for a kiss. Everyone finds Ginny weird in the films, but she is determined and up for a fight when she is only in her sixth year.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? 13? SHE DESERVES TOP 10! First off, when Harry told her he was sick of putting her in danger, she continued to put herself in danger for him. She loved him before she even MET him. She almost died SEVERAL times for Harry. Not only that, but she is one of the few female book characters that I consider a role model. Her and Hermione both! - Michaela4444

Ginny Weasley is so brave and isn't afraid of anything. I hate how the movies portray her as a helpless girl who can't do anything on her own. She is the bravest girl you are ever going to find and Harry is really lucky to have her. All her exes were idiots to do something to make her to dump them.

Of course ginny. So many different sides to her. She never ever sits around and waits for harry to come and whisk her off her feet like a damsel in distress or a princess. No. She takes matters into her own hands and gets on with her life, without ever sitting around crying or feeling sorry for herself. Such an inspiriation to girls and how we should act. Also she is overshadowed by her brothers and yet comes out with her own wealsey traits: funny, loud, intelligent but also KIND and MODEST too. She's the only person who stuck by luna. The only sixth year who wanted to stay on and fight for harry, her friends and her school. Yes. Ginny weasley is absolutely the best harry potter character. #TEAMGINNY

In the books, Ginny is definitely the best character in my opinion. In the movies she's just not herself. And that is literally my only complaint about Harry Potter.

Ginny really should be number one. She has all of her brothers in her! If you say Ron, Fred, or George are the best, Ginny is all of them. She is also, now As I say this, don't hate me, smarter than them.

I can't believe Ginny isn't higher up. I think she is the best character in the series. She is brave, clever, funny, a total badass, and is willing to do anything to protect those she loves. I think Rowling did an excellent job developing her.

Ginny is a great character. She is intelligent, strong and fiercely loyal. She is one of my role models because of how she became an amazing person, and survived having six brothers.

I think Ginny should be lower. She is a Mary Sue and she has no flaws. That does not make for a good character. - Ravenclaw

Ginny is brave, kind, funny, confident, witty, smart and tough- pretty much what I aspire to be. She changes from Ron's shy little sister to a strong woman who Harry falls in love with. She doesn't take crap from anyone, even Harry, and isn't afraid to stand up to her 6 older brothers. She's always been one of my main hp role models.

The movies depicted this awesome girl the wrong way! Somewhat like a female sirius...

Come on, she should be higher! Fancy facing bellatrix lestrange, miss death by an inch, and realize that the curse could have killed bellatrix! Should have blocked the curse!

I really like Ginny, and all of my friends who have read Harry Potter say they want to be Hermione or Luna. Ginny is much more prettier than those two. WHY IS VOLDEMORT AND DRACO MALFOY ABOVE HER?

Ginny's epic! She's actually a lot like me. Independent, bubbly, cool and most of all... BRAVE!
Is definitely no. 1. Also she's smart.
Laugh out loud. GO GINNY!

What I hate about her is she insulted Fleur's french accent,

Ginny's great! Although she's not a main character in the first book, she takes a big role in the second book and starts to build herself up throughout the series. And of course she marrie the the chosen one. She's great, and what I wish I was, and her sort of shy personality can relate to mine. She's just great!,

Ginny is so cool. I find it so amazing that she caught the from right under Cho's nose (or, at least, according to Ron) in number five. Who knew she was so sporty?

She is the greatest character ever. A strong, independent woman who fights through crushing depression when her love leaves her. That takes strength!

Ginny Weasley is such an amazing character. She is so confident, and I feel book Ginny is way better than movie Ginny. - SlytherinGirl

Wait a second, WHO exactly hates Ginny Weasley?! She's BEAUTIFUL inside and out!

I love Ginny she might be you but she is an awesome fighter and who does not like quidditch, ginny is the best quidditch player

Ginny is the best. She is a strong girl who is kind and caring. She is still sane after the chamber of secrets with is no easy feat.

Ginny Weasley is my favorite Harry Potter character from the books. She was always cracking me up! & she was super confident!