Harry Potter

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Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.


I know Hermione had her moments. I know all the characters are amazing. But no one of them achieved what Harry did. None of them stared death in the face time and time again, suffered losses of such epic proportions, fought so hard for people who had done so much to hurt him. Although he had help, he battled so much alone. Maybe Hermione would have been capable of the same things were she in his position. But she wasn't. Every single character in the series is amazingly complex and incredible in their own way but Harry Potter leaves them all behind. He is brave, loyal, kind, resourceful, clever, determined and relatable. He will always be my favourite character.

Harry is awesome. He's brave, kind, intelligent, and an absolute badass! He solves mysteries, saves people's lives. He saved the sorcerer's stone, killed the basilisk, went down the chamber and risked his life to save Ginny, he saved Sirius and Hermione from the dementors, he survived dragons, and giant spiders, he risked his life to bring back Cedric's body to his parents, he will risk anything to protect people he cares about. Just because he's hot-tempered in the fifth book, people think he's a jerk, but they always forget what he suffered. Anyone in his position would be acting in a similar way, if not worse. He becomes much better in the sixth book, despite losing Sirius and having gone through so much, he moves on and decides fight back against Voldemort and the death eaters. I don't care what anyone says, he's my favorite character!

Harry is absolutely my favorite character! I hate it when people always focus on his bad qualities. I love that J.K Rowling made him so complicated, it makes him more real. He's got tons of good qualities, he's brave, smart, kind, and completely badass. Plus he's like the sass king. I love his sarcasm with Dudley, Draco, Umbridge, and other enemies. He always manages to win in a battle of wits. And he's an awesome rebel! Whenever there's a mystery, he wont care about rules, he'll just do whatever it takes to solve the mystery. My favorite thing about Harry is his loyalty. Just because he's had so few people be nice to him before Hogwarts, he's fiercely protective of his friends. Like he immediately defends Ron and Hagrid, when Draco insults them. But the exact moment when I fell in love with Harry, was when he freed Dobby from the evil Lucius Malfoy, if that isn't enough to make this kid lovable, well...

Harry Potter, who can be described as a trouble magnet brings out the twist and turns in the story which makes it so interesting. Harry being the protagonist, the story is explained how he came to be in this situation and how his life unfolded from there. He's brave to a fault, compassionate, modest, smart and selfless. He does have his flaws but that's what makes him so great. I think he handles everything surprisingly well considering how much he's got to deal with. Harry also has a natural talent to fly brooms and play Quiditch.

On whom the film is made? Use some sense to give the right vote. Harry is the main character so obviously he should be number 1. He is the best

Um excuse you. This comment is wrong on so many levels. First of all, we're not talking about the films. We're talking about the books. The films suck. Also, even though he is the main character, there's no way you can convince me that he is as complex/deep as someone like Dumbledore. Your argument is invalid. Just because he's the main character it doesn't mean he's the best character. - Ravenclaw

I know that Harry Potter is the best character in the movies because he is the main protagonist and the hero for Hogwart's school because of all the great things that he has done. For example, he found the Chamber of Secrets, found the Sorcerers Stone, and battled Voldemort who is the main antagonist many times which helped the school. Eventually, Harry Potter has the final battle with Voldemort in which he ends up killing Voldemort when he has the antagonist's wand. Everybody is happy in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when the protagonist, Harry Potter ends up saving Hogwart's from being taken over. That is why Harry Potter should be the best character in the Harry Potter movie series.

Harry is one of my favorite characters. I love how he's a complex and deep character, and how he's loyal to a fault. He has flaws, but that is what makes him relatable for me. He's gone through a lot for a teenager, but he handles it pretty well. He taught a lot of people what it's like to be brave. Not because he's saved the Sorcerer's Stone, not because he killed Riddle and dementors, but because he stuck with his friends. He stood up to bullies and teachers. Harry will always stick in my heart.

Harry has inspired me ever since I was a few months old! He is supposed to be the first on the list! To me, his imperfections are what make him perfect. He is the man every mother would want her son to be. I don't remember ever falling in love with a character as much as I did with harry. And, as crazy as it sounds, I love him to bits. I love him with all my heart.

Hello the series is called HARRY POTTER? I think we all know that Harry should take the number 1 spot! How many times does a guy have to nearly die and save Hogwarts before he gets the credit for it? Poor Harry, you'll always be my favourite!

I'm not arguing against you, but just because he's the title character doesn't mean he's automatically the best - 906389

Harry is extremely compassionate and loyal, as well as intelligent. He is also modest and humble, in spite of his fame and accomplishments. He's suffered through so much-- the death of parents, his abusive relatives, near brushes with death, and the deaths of many of his beloved friends.

He survived flipping everything deadly that they threw at him he killed voldemort I saved hog warts and brought peace and reconciliation to the wizard in world he married ginny weasley and ended up being a master of death by gaining all three of the deathly hollows the elder wand the resurrection stone and the invisibility cloak awesome

Um, he is the protagonist not to mention he did everything. I can relate to him and Peter Parker because everything goes wrong for them but they are able to pick themselves back up. I remember reading the books and the first time I read them I saw myself in Harry's shoes. The perfect way J.K. Rowling uses Harry is that she makes everything go wrong for him, she keeps pounding him to the ground whenever something goes right. But this is awesome because if everything went well for him, it would never feel satisfying in the end. That is because in the final movie after beating Voldemort, after gaining the respect of Hogwarts and the Ministry, it is just the feeling of satisfactory.

I'm definitely not even near as brave as this character. He lives with getting into adventures every year, rumors, living with an aunt and uncle who treat him horribly, and so much more... I am in awe of this wonderful character.

It has to be HARRY POTTER he saved the world like thousands of times and he is the main character in the whole sequel. His weakness was friendship that is true but he overcame his fears and saved the day so all credit really goes to HARRY POTTER. The whole story starts with him and he is AMAZING.

Harry Potter is the bravest person he had all this pressure that he had to deal with and at the same time learn an so good on his owls. Plus he tried so hard to not let his friends get into trouble and hurt through the whole thing. An can you imagine how hard it is to have so many people just wanting to hangout with you because you are the one person who survived Voltermore (sorry for you people who don't like hearing the name.).

I love harry potter my room is all harry potter. I have all his posters. His wand, and his broom. He is the savior. He should be number one. He is unique. I don't know what I'd do without the great harry potter.

I love both Harry and Daniel Radcliffe! But since I can't rant about Daniel, I'll rant about Harry. He's kind, smart, and selfless, he has his flaws but what kind of good character doesn't? Look at Severus snape, he's my second favorite character!

I don't think I want to live on this planet anymore. WHAT IS HARRY DOING IN SECOND PLACE?! Hermione is a nice character that I'll admit but first place? DEFINITELY NOT

I think Harry Potter is AMAZING! In the Sorcerer's Stine he defeated Lord Voldemort and saved everybody! That is a really big accomplishment! Harry is intelligent and is a powerful, brave, and great character!

Harry Potter is the best. He was always calm, composed, kind, and possessed all good qualities. His belief in Dumbledore was boundless and he always stayed stiff. I love the part when Harry speaks Parse language in Chamber
Of secrets! The look on Snape's face was so awesome! His scar looks very intriguing and I love the history behind Harry's life.

Hey wait what is the title? HARRY POTTER yeah. He saved the stone. Saved Ginni and killed tom riddle. What he found Sirius Black is good won the tournament at such a young age he was in the order of Phoenix and fight voldemort finds the truth of riddle and sees albus die goes to Malfoy manor takes a massive part in the battle if Hogwarts no Harry no movie

Even though Harry Potter doesn't ranked as the #1 here but I think if he ranked as the #3 here is great enough. Harry Potter is the wizard guy who gave me the strength to face any kinds of problems in life.

Harry is the best! He's brave and smart and kind, not to mention badass! Also I am of the opinion that he is the sass king. He has the best comebacks!

I think he should be the first.. Next is Hermione Granger.. Then, Ron Weasley... And.. 4th is Professor Albus Dumbledore.. Then, you should include the son of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter was the best character for a lot of reasons. Was it Hermione who saved the whole world from Voldemort? No. Was it Ron who killed Voldemort? No, it was HARRY POTTER! He managed to stand the bullying of Dudley, and the neglected life with the Dursleys. Harry is such an amazing brave person he deserves to be number 1. Go Potter!

What someone has been through does not make them the best character. - 906389