Hermione Granger

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People might say that Harry is better than Hermione. Guys I know Harry is strong and he's the chosen one and all but Hermione is stronger if you think about it. When I first seen Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Harry was my favourite character because I thought he was so cool. But as I watched the whole franchise one after the other I realised Hermione is stronger. Harry had one fear, Voldemort (and dementors I guess) He had no real fears to overcome. Hermione on the other hand overcame all her fears. I don't have anything against Harry I love him I'm just giving my point. I'm not saying all this just because Hermione is my favourite character. I'm saying this because of her talent. She would be an amazing friend to have, Ron and Harry are so lucky to have her as a friend.

I know that Hermione isn't the main character in the story, and the book isn't based on her life its based on the all famous and much loved Harry Potter. However after reading the books many times I do believe that Hermione is the best character in the Harry Potter series as in the books and the movies she is a presented as an intelligent strong woman that young girls should inspire to be like. Without her knowledge the golden trio wouldn't have succeeded and Ron and Harry would have died in the first movie. She is my role model in life and I do truly believe she is amazing!

Hermione shows us to admire intelligence. Not only is she an intellectual badass though, she's passionate, caring, focused, loyal and quick - witted. If it weren't for her, Harry would have died a long time ago. She is a great role model for women and teaches them to value your brain over beauty and that you don't have to be the princess, you can also be the warrior - lily_hp

Hermione is the best! I mean I'm literally Hermione in real life but I've got a couple of reasons why she is totally amazing. Firstly she's smart and doesn't mind being "nerdy" and so ends up as Minister for Magic. She is very loyal, I mean think about it, she was always by Harry's side and even at Hogwarts she didn't just go, " stuff these guys I gonna go and hang with emotional girls." She is brave ( which is why she is in Gryffiondore.) She doesn't mind not being front like Harry and isn't jealous of her. She is a role model to everyone: it's okay to be smart, loyal and in the background because you could just end up as the most important person in the magical world,

Miss Hermione Jean Granger is by far my favorite character! She's another one of the those amazing characters that show readers that you can be smart and a bookworm, and still make it in life. Not only is she extremely intelligent, she's also brave, loyal and strong, just like a Gryffindor should be. No matter how many times Draco Malfoy put her down and called her Mudblood, she remained strong and true to herself and to others, and proved to anyone who ever doubted her, wrong. She's a great role-model for young girls who are trying to get through life. I know I went through the same thing. Still kind of am, but I stand strong thanks to Hermione. She shows readers that it's okay to be nerdy and a little awkward at times. Just because you've got the brains, doesn't mean you can't also be courageous.

Dear Merlin, she's amazing. There is no comparison, Hermione Granger takes the cake. I love her so much, she's very smart, loyal, brave and will sometimes break the rules if it is necessary. She is the voice of reason, but also shows her emotions and uses them in many situations. She has enough flaws to be believable, which is really the best kind of character. She's the best and my favorite!

Love her! She's cool, intelligent and is always ready to stand up to what is right, and will stick with you and help you no matter what. She is certainly the brightest witch and in a way is stronger than Harry. That is because she is better with her wand and knows all the spells and if Harry was stuck he would have no clue what to do! Get my point? I love all the Harry Potter characters but Hermione had got to be my favourite! She looks like me and sounds like me too, and we are the same age!

Hermione is so awesome! She gives females a second chance. Plus, unlike most of the other girls in the series she can pull her own weight with her super spell-casting. If you're reading this, Emma Watson, we're all behind you!

Hermione Granger, the voice of reason pretty much. I can relate to her so much; especially when Ron and Harry haven't read a book she has. She's my favorite, pretty much. She's snappy sometimes, just like me, but comes around-most of the time. Anyway, she's just a deep and complex character, and I like the fact that it wasn't friends at first sight for her.

Words cannot express how much I love Hermione, and how much she inspires me everyday to try my best, but have a little fun & adventure along the way. She is so witty, fun, smart, inspiring, and pretty. Her personality is definitely contagious, and her constant positivity and smart-planning is great throughout the whole series. I am a huge Hermione fan!

This is to all those people who say that Harry should be number one. Hermione was the one who saved Harry from the devil's snare. Without Hermione, Harry would have died before he reached the Philosophers stone. Without Hermione, Voldemort would have gotten the stone and achieved immortality. HERMIONE DESERVES TO BE AT NUMBER ONE, NOT HARRY!

Hermione Granger is smart, brave, loyal and can fend for herself. She could easily survive without Harry and Ron, but she stays with them because they're her best friends and they need her to survive. She is both book smart and street smart, as she studies all the time, but breaks the rules from time to time as well. She is my idol, and my favorite character of all time!

Love her! Absolutely brilliant, talented, brave, beautiful, loyal and intelligent and not to mention, an amazingly true friend. Without her help and knowledge, Harry wouldn't manage doing even half of the heroic things which he did. She taught us that reading books can save your life. Tribute to Hermione Granger!

Hermione Granger is a great role model for girls to look up to. Not only does Hermione Granger teach us that its okay to be the nerdy girl who always knows what she's doing but to always stick up for ourselves and others and to always believe in ourselves. That's what a great role model is to me and all the words that perfectly describe Hermione Granger.

She deserves to be #1! I wish she was main but she wasn't! I hope they make a side series about her in first person and that would be great! Hermione is similar like me, but I'm a bit different though. I'm glad that she is smart, brave, friendly, grumpy in different ways, and charming! I can't wait for more books/movies!

Hermione is my favorite character in literary history. I can REALLY relate to her. On every personality quiz, I always get Hermione. We both love school, homework, and reading. We both also tend to be introverted at times. I love her, and I idolize her completely.

I think Hermione is the perfect role model! She is smart, brave, kind, determined, and always helps people out. Hermione is a little bit dramatic, but all in all my favorite character! I am so glad she is on top.

Hermione is amazing. I asked my little brother who has seen all the movies who was his favorite and he said Hermione. I asked why and he said she was cool and smart and he liked when she punched malfoy

How dare anyone think anyone other than Hermione should be first. She saves Harry's and Ron's butts thousands of times. She figured out Snape's task, figured out what the monster was in the Chamber, took multiple classes in her third year that allowed them to save Sirius and Buckbeak, remained Harry and Ron's friend wrongheaded having a row, tricked Umbridge into thinking there was a secret Dumbledore weapon, knew the Half-Blood Prince's text book was tricky from the start, and finally always stayed with Harry during their fight against Voldemort and destroyed Hufflepuffs cup. This is indisputable proof that Hermione Granger, a Gryfindor I might add, is the best character in the Harry Potter universe.

All Hermione is is amazing! Most girls in films are princesses that need rescuing from a magical tower, but Hermione is fishy and she looks so much like me! I love Hermione and the way they invented the films are good and they were sensible. Not make Hermione trapped in a magic tower.

She is the smartest person I've ever met in a book/movie. She's smart, she's brave, she's independent... Do I really need to say more? Hermione is my favorite character.

Hermione is EXACTLY me. She is intelligent, quick witted, brave, honest, and so beautiful! Go Emma Watson! She has been my role model ever since I've read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and will always be.

Hermione actually personifies a lot of the best traits of all the Houses. She's incredibly brave, unbelievably clever, extremely loyal and hard-working and cunning and ambitious as well. Perfect, really. AND, she still manages to be really nice and charming at the same time. How?

She taught us hat girls done have to be princesses, they can also be warriors. She's an excellent example of what girls and woman today should be, not slim delicate little toys for others to play with, but though and strong weapons ready to save the world!

Hermione granger is definitely the best character that you can relate to. She can be awkward at some times but that's what makes me love her even more. She was my favorite character ever since they introduced in the book.