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41 Regulus Black

The Letter he wrote for Voldemort to recover inside the fake locket shows how much of a badass Regulus is.

Awesome guy probably nicest Death Eater ever good man.

This might be racist, but he's my favorite black.

He realized hia mistake at being a death eater and instead tried to stop Voldemort by replacing the real locket with a fake one even if it means his death. He however failed to destroy the horcrux by telling kreacher to do so. He wasalso one of the reasons why Harry found the real locket.

42 Viktor Krum

I actually liked Viktor. I mean, although he is more of a physical being, in the last book he actually showed that he loved Hermione.

He is a dummy and so arrogant the way he talks is annoying

Krum krum krum! Victor krum! Think rons in love

He is a bloody pumpkin.. He stole hermonie from ron

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43 Filius Flitwick

Flitwick is wonderful if you come to him with problems he will make cupcakes dance across the table to make you feal better so sweet

Oh my gosh he is so awesome and everyone should vote for him because he is the true hero of the story.

Best hogwarts teacher. "Swish and flick! "

44 Rufus Scrimgeour

Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.

Man he is the minister for magic!

45 Sybill Trelawney

She may have been a fraud, but she provided a good laugh, and was genuinely friendly I suppose. Also, I felt so bad watching her cry as Umbridge fired her. And she dropped the crystal balls on the Death Eaters.

She sure gives a little more will magic to Harry Potter. I loved how she was dropping crystal Balls on the Death Eaters. I was thinks yes eat Crystal you nasty Death Eaters.

She is hilarious and is actually very important to the series. Though I have to admit that I think Divination is a stupid subject. - Goku02

What's so special about her

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46 Crookshanks

BEST CAT EVER (apart from Cinderpelt) - Catluv50

I love Crookshanks! Crookshanks was airways so clever

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47 Arabella Figg

Does anyone else notice that Figg sorta rhymes with Squib?

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48 Aragog

We might as well call him Shelob; it's obvious where Rowling got her inspiration.

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49 Gray Lady / Helena Ravenclaw

Gray lady is on the list twice!

50 Argus Filch V 1 Comment
51 Tina Goldstein

Don't like her much. I think she was annoying, she keeps trying to get Newt caught. - Goku02

An amazing woman, with a polarizing sense of action. Interesting at every turn.

52 Fawkes

Just Saying guys but Harry would no longer be with us if Fawkes hadn't saved him in the Chamber of Secrets by giving him the Sword of Gryffindor. Harry Potter would've died at age 12 if it wasn't for Fawkes.

Fawkes blinded Basilisk! She gave him the sword of gryffindor from which Harry killed basilisk. Very nice bird she was..

FAWKES ROCKS! (Lolz, I made a rhyme)

Ok why has NO ONE voted Fawkes he saves the chosen one in the chamber of secrets AND heals his leg in GoF
So come on if it wasnt for Fawkes there would only be 2 hp books and 7 isn't enough let alone 2

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53 Oliver Wood Oliver Wood

I'm a bit biased because I love goaltenders (or as close as you can get to them in any sport) but he taught Harry how to play quidditch. That's got to count for something.

He should be higher, he was so dedicated to quidditch, ADORABLE

He is amazing and he is the only reason Harry got on the Quidditch team.

The guys amazing, and plus, he's one of my favorites because olivers my name

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54 Moaning Myrtle Moaning Myrtle

She was going to be called Wailing Wanda

One reason: she haunts a toilet!

I just love her! She's so different and so amazing!


55 Hermes

Hermes is a boy! If you read Percy Jackson, (I read Harry Potter too) you will understand that Hermes is a god, and a boy. Why does everyone think than he is a girl?!?!? He still is pretty cool though...

You guys do realize that this is Percy Weasley's owl right? - Ravenclaw

Because she is the bravest women I know and she is awesome you go girl by leah de la torre

She is good

56 Antonin Dolohov

I don't know but he is good

He is awesome guys

He is my favorite

He killed lupin

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57 Daphne Greengrass

Astoria Malfoy's sister and in Draco Malfoy's year. Also in Slytherin.

58 Sir Cadogan


59 Fat Lady V 3 Comments
60 Muggle Prime Minister
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