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61 Godric Gryffindor

Cool and good

Gryffindor is the best house



62 Ernie MacMillan

Ernie is, to me, the most underrated HP character of all time. I love that even though he is rather pompous and self-centered sometimes, he's still a nice person who cares a great deal about his friends and his principles.

I especially like him in Order of The Phoenix, where he assures Harry that he believes in what he says, it isn't just the crazy people who have faith in him and becomes a proud member of Dumbledore's Army. But aside from that, he has a bunch of fantastic character moments in other installments that I find it difficult not to love this guy as a great supporting character.

I salute Ernie for his heroism, his dedication to his friends and his school, and just for being such an enjoyable comic relief/supporting player in my favorite book series of all time. When I think of what it really means to be a Hufflepuff, I think of him and smile.

Ernie is a good character, so why on Earth is he not in the top 30.

My favorite character hp ever. Even more than harry

I forgot about ernie. he's a good character in harry potter.

63 Nagini

Nagini is absolutely not the snake Harry set free in the first book.

Nagini is amazing. But also deadly and awesome!

Its true, the fabulous author revealed it

Nagini is a viper, the snake Harry set free was a brazillian boa constrictor.

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64 Fluffy

Because why the hell not

My dream dog

65 Olympe Maxime

Madam Maxime is so underrated. She's great.

Hagrids true love... ten points to Olympe!

66 Ariana Dumbledore V 1 Comment
67 Percival Dumbledore

Guys this is Albus's father. I think some of you are thinking that this is Albus.

Better than Snape, Hermione, Harry, and Ron combined.

How do you not like this character

Who tf is Persival?

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68 Angelina Johnson V 3 Comments
69 Frank Longbottom

He's a good guy, have to keep that in mind

70 The Sorting Hat V 2 Comments
71 Madam Puddifoot
72 Willy Widdershins


73 Blaise Zabini

The best for 3 reasons.
1. He is in the best house and detests blood traitors and mudbloods
2. He is in the Slug Club and has lots of talent
3. He is unimpressed by Draco's bragging about him being a death eater

74 Pigwidgeon

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

UM.. he might be useless but he is so fluffy.

GINNY named him, so... Cool


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75 Griphook V 2 Comments
76 Celestina Warbeck

The witch singer?! Who knows her enough to like her?

She has a terrible voice hurts my ears

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77 Gabrielle Delacour V 2 Comments
78 Errol

Errol is hilarious because he falls into their meals and stuff.

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79 Rose Weasley

Why in heck is she on this list? I hate her like chicken

Rose? Rose is on the list? She doesn't deserve to be here!

Rose is really like Hermione wanting to take her O.W.L.s why is she near the bottom of the list!

80 Lee Jordan
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