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81 Lee Jordan
82 Bloody Baron
83 Alicia Spinet

She is good

84 Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

Go Norbert (a)! S/He is awesome!

Cool name

Wooo I love this little ol' dragon

85 Penelope Clearwater

I like her she is good

86 Mundungus

Why is Mundungus on th list he is a thief

V 1 Comment
87 Ted Lupin

I just love him! I feel like he would be the best of both his father and mother! He was Head Boy too!

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88 Helga Hufflepuff

I don't see why they think hufflepuffs bad

Come on people! She was the only one who was unbiased and kind, leeting everyone in, being open and free. Nowhere un the books does it say hufflepuffs are dumb.

89 Yaxley

Yaxley is pretty good at using the imperius curse on umbridge in the last one.

90 Augustus Rookwood

He is the worst! He killed my favorite character Fred weasley! But I started liking percy way more for killing him back

91 Pius Thicknesse
92 Andromeda Tonks

One of the only Blacks who didn't turn out to be evil.

Deserved to be in the movies... - marshmallow123

93 Bathilda Bagshot
94 Cassius Warrington
95 Hassan Mostafa
96 Theodore Nott

Theo never was a Death Eater, never held grudges against Muggle-Borns and built TWO AWESOME TIME-TURNERS! definitely the beast

97 Zacharias Smith V 4 Comments
98 Cassandra Trelawney
99 Everard

He is just a portrait in dumbledore's office but if Dumbledore didn't tell him to check on Arthur weasley. Arthur would be dead.

100 Queenie Goldstein

Queenie was an unexpected hit for fantastic beasts. She was bubbly and enjoyable to watch and 97? Not good enough.

She was Tina's sister. I liked her way more than I thought I would - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Quirky and awesome! She's funny as well. - Goku02

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