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121 Pomona Sprout
122 Rolanda Hooch
123 Basilisk

Which basilisk are we talking about? The one from The Chamber Of Secrets?

COOLEST SNAKE EVER should be higher on the list

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124 Thestral

This isn't a character, it's a species.


125 Hungarian Horntail

Thought this would be on the list lol

126 Arthur Weasley Arthur Weasley

How come he is so low on this list he helped take care of harry when his aunt and uncle would not. Arthur Weasley survived three bites form a giant snake. He should be top ten.

126?! BLOODY HELL - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Why is he 0%?

127 Lucius Malfoy

I like him because he can be many things but at the end he chooses his family over everything else

He's the best character. He should be at the top. Why is he in 238th place? - Consequently

He looks like the drummer in Nirvana.

He is the coolest guy in harry potter. I mean he looks like a Vampire, lives in a mansion, was at some point voldemorts highest servant and he has the coolest Wand ever

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128 Fenrir Greyback

Greyback is awesome he's merciless and ruthless but if he had a family I'd say he'd kill them the first chance he got or protect them every second of every day he's not all bad but he is about 95 percent bad so he has a very small heart I don't think he's the worst character in the movies (that's Dolores umbridges rank) but he is not very liked

How can you like Fenrir? Especially after what he did to Remus and Bill.

Grey back is scary look what he did lupin and bill

Killed lavender brown which makes h the most likeable chart tee ever

129 Peter Pettigrew

He should be way higher. He's a bad person but a good villain. - Ravenclaw

He is a rat come on really?

He should be killed


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130 Scabior V 2 Comments
131 Albus Potter

WHAT! He isn't on the list! I mean, come on! Even though he's a next generation character, he is so sweet and looks exactly like harry!

I have an unexplainable hatred for all of the next-generation characters. I know a lot of people have said this before, but I see the epilogue as a badly written fanfic in an otherwise next-to-perfect series. - Ravenclaw

I flipping hat Albus. He complains because he has no friends but does he try to make friends? No! Scorpius is a teeny bit better. But I still hate Albus! He takes after his father; stuck up, ignorant, thinks he has to everything himself and he is attention seeking

Albus Potter is a great character

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132 James Potter II

James Sirius Potter is a good character

Yes. Just yes. Nobody seems to like him though he's still my favorite! :D JSP totes deserves to be more than 1 slot above Lavender Brown.. }:P - potterponies726

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133 Cornelius Fudge

Okay I get that people may not like Fudge as a person, but he's a wonderful character who deserves to be much higher than this. - Ravenclaw

The fact I can get it right away with a lot more fun and addicting gig

Fudge ticks me of he didn't believe harry when he said Sirius was innocent and when he who must not be named was back

134 Vernon Dursley

He should accept the fact that magic exists. The way he's acting is doing him no good. But, he's a well written character all the same.

He is nasty he is nice to dudley but mean to harry

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135 Dudley Dursley

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but I think he's awesome for what he does in the last book.

He is a bully and is spoiled way to much by his parents and he is mean to harry

How is he the "best character? "


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136 Bogrod

so cool - johnconnor

137 Doris Crockford
138 Michael Corner V 2 Comments
139 Dementor

I think their cool and all, but just disgusting. They clamp their jaws on a victims mouth and suck the soul out is the victim. Just disgusting.

Why is he on the list?...


So scary

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140 Fat Friar

Why has nobody ever commented anything for the Fat Friar!? He is the best ghost because he will always give you a second chance

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