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161 Arnold (Pygmy Puff)

They have been known to sing on boxing day, they are also lovely. According to Luna and many others. They're so fluffy I'm going to die, I want one :3

They are sooo cute and aparrantly sing on Boxing Day and they are so fluffy how can u not love

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162 Salazar Slytherin

The best Hogwarts founder, and maker of the best house. - SlytherinGirl

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163 Colin Creevey

I am sure he would have been a photographer if he hadn't die!

He is SO annoying. - SlytherinGirl

He's adorable

He is so anoying

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164 Garrick Ollivander

Tom the bartender is on here so why not olivander the wand guy? He gave harry the wand. Without him harry wouldn't be doing spellz

165 Bartemius Crouch Sr.
166 Anthony Goldstein
167 Terry Boot
168 Leanne
169 Ludo Bagman
170 Hokey
171 Hepzibah Smith
172 Elphias Doge
173 Hestia Jones

She is one of my favorite minor characters. - Ravenclaw

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174 Dedalus Diggle
175 Travers
176 Amelia Bones V 1 Comment
177 Amos Diggory
178 Demelza Robins V 1 Comment
179 Jimmy Peakes

Not aloud to fight in the battle of hog warts.

180 Marcus Belby
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