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Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. His first appearance was in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.


funny smart one of harrys best friends -

Ron Weasley is the most underrated, yet the most amazing character. Those who have not read the books, I don't blame them for not liking him. But in books, he is one of the most realistic characters J K has created. Boys like Ron are what you'll find in real world, not the heroic Harry or cowardly Draco. I love Ron and believe that he deserves more attention than this.

How come Snape's better than Ron? I mean, Snape is a good character (the same way Harry, Umbridge, and Bellatrix are good characters), but he's not really a good person. Brave does not mean good. On the other hand, Ron is extremely loyal. He's every bit as brave as Harry, not to mention the fact that he's one of the most realistic people in the story.

Ron is one of my favourite characters ever! He's not as talented as Harry or as smart as Hermione but his heart is in the right place. He always feels overshadowed which is very relatable and he's insecure like me. I especially love his facial expressions when something frightening happens.

Ron definitely deserves at least 3rd for almost always being their and being probably the most diverse character in Harry Potter! I was going to vote Harry because he deserves 1st but Ron definitely needs more appreciation. When I said most diverse I meant being funny and not always right meaning making him an even more funnier character and definitely one of the most memorable. I could go on all day but you should definitely VOTE FOR RON WEASLEY!

Why is Ron not at #1? He should be. He's just as brave as Harry.Who else would go into a forest full of spiders when their his biggest fear? Who else would steal his father's flying car just to see if his friend was alright? The biggest reason why I love Ron is because he has such a hidden hero in him that comes out at the best times. If he had been the one prophesized to slay the Dark Lord, I haven't a doubt that he would be as recognized for his deeds of bravery as often as Harry is, though I'm not sure I could say the same of any of the other characters in the series

A lot of people find him annoying, I honestly don't see why. He's the most honestly flawed character, in a good way. He gets jealous from time to time, but who wouldn't when you're a part of a trio like that? He is so authentic, but also sweet and funny as well.

I think Ron is definitely a tremendous help to Harry and Hermione! I really like Ron. And he is a ginger! And who doesn't love a ginger!? I think Ron shows a lot of bravery and is surely a risk taker (even if he can sometimes be shy) I still love Ron!

He's the most normal and that's why so many relate to him. He's not unrealistic like the majority of people in the books (namely genius Hermione and star athlete/Chosen One Harry). Ron can be a jerk and immature/insensitive sometimes but his heart is in the right place and that to me is why he's so special. He's the boy who left (in DH) but more importantly he's also the boy who came back

Are you serious? Snape is the best character? No way! He's one of the worst. Ron, on the other hand, is easy to relate to. He deals with jealousy and love and he's so dynamic. Just because the movies runined him doesn't mean you can;t appreciate the book Ronald.

I feel like Ron is kind of underrated. He might not be extraordinarily brave, or smart. In fact, on the outside, he appears extraordinarily average. But on the inside, he is sweet and loyal. He will do anything for those he loves.

If he would be my brother I would be so very lucky... But my brother loves in Florida and gets a very little time for talking with mah.. But its fine.. Ron reminds of my bro jeff. They both r red headed pigeons

He's an great person. A great deal confused but still an extremely loyal friend. He is probably one of the most realistic characters we can find in books. He also has a great sense of humour.

Ron is one of my favorites in the series. He's, funny, brave and tries his best to be smart. His sweet personality is perfect for hermione. He's such an huge role in the series and great!

My favorite out of the trio and my favorite Gryffindor. Hilarious sense of humor, but very relatable like when he cries after seeing the corpse of Fred. Sorry for mentioning Fred's death. Oh no. It's too late. *Whole world floods from tears of people.*

I like him better than Harry, because his personality is brighter and funnier than Harry. Harry is good too, but Harry is a bit too serious for me.

I know he is not the most popular character in the fandom but he will always be my favorite. He completed the trio in a way that no one can deny.

Ron has the best facial expressions in all the movies. He is just hilarious. Making his 1st run at platform 9 3/4, facing spiders, those dress robes, he is a comic genius. Then the anguish of the later books, every emotion possible has passed his features. He must have got top marks in Drama school.

Harry was lucky to have Ron as his best friend. He is my 2nd favourite character after Harry in this series.

Ron should be in the top three. He is funny and cool. He says funny things that crack me up when I am sad or the book is sad. : Ar Whiz

I think Ron is a good character even though the movies make him seem dumb and just rude the Ron in the books is much better.

I think Ron was kind of awesome. He wasn't perfect but all the characters in HP have their own flaws. He destroyed the locket when Harry and Hermione were still holding on to it. Also he got the sword of Gryffindor and saved harry from that lake. He sacrificed himself in the first book just so Harry could go on. A lot of people underestimate him but truly he is amazing

Ron is the best character in the books. Movie Ron is like a parody of the actual Ron created by Rowling. In the movies he doesn't do much and Hermione gets all of his lines but in the books he's bad ass and actually has more moments that show his true gryffindor nature

Ron Weasley is awesome! He's hilarious, awesome, and he can be brave at times. Not to mention he's pretty damn hot :D.

Ron is no 5? This is silly. He is the most attractive Character in the series. and rupert was brilliant in the film.