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Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.


Severus Snape died looking into Harry Potter's eyes. The eyes of Lily Evans, the only thing worth living for, the only person that ever showed him what love and friendship meant. I loved him from the beginning, as a dark, cold, sarcastic professor that was not exactly the merry type. The Deathly Hallows was the third book I read, and after reading the saddest chapter I've ever known, I finally realized what he had done, and loved him even more. After a scornful childhood of being mocked and taunted, along with all the wrong choices that split apart his friendship with Lily, he had to accept an evil reputation at Hogwarts as a favorite of the Dark Lord and pretend, pretend to everybody, to make up for every mistake and make up for Lily. He spent his life disliked by all, and though lived and died for Harry Potter, Harry did not repay him in kind (while he was alive). Harry Potter naming his son after Severus Snape, "the bravest man that I ever knew", which is true, was only fit to pay ...more

So sad and tragic his life was, and yet was such a good twist in this series! xD - SurgicalPhoenix

After a long time of arguing with myself which character is best, I finally concluded to PROFESSOR Snape. As I read the series, he was always that cruel and rotten character with that ominous elegance. As much as I wanted to kick over my mental cauldron and ditch that filthy dungeon just so I didn't have to imagine that twisted smug smirk of his, I craved to read more about him by the passing chapters. I was doubtful of his loyalty, betrayed at that fateful plot twist, and before I knew it, I was reduced to tears. When all along, he was simply double agenting as a double agent, just to protect his loved one's son... It was one of the few story characters that mashed on my emotion button a good hundred times. I couldn't get over it. Its hard to find such a moving wizard as lonely Snape.

"Professor Snape, Harry."

Right. Sorry.

He was the bravest man Harry Potter himself had ever known! He protected Harry even though Harry was James Potter's son, all because of Lily, the love of his life. He made mistakes, yes. But if there would be mistakes, there would be no right things. And he is really brilliant. Think all the corrections, additions he made and spells he created in his advanced potion making book. And the way he fooled Lord Voldemort and pretended to his loyal servant. Ha! Voldemort didn't noticed anything, and I repeat, ANYTHING that might have revealed his true loyalty until Harry revealed it! He was, is and will ever be the bravest man I have ever know.

Severus Snape - the one man who was never truly privileged whether it came to love, friendship or even money as a child. The one time he did love a woman so obsessively, she goes off to marry the very boy who humiliated him a ton of times in school. And yet despite everything always working against his favour, he sacrificed himself to protecting someone who never even respected him when he was still alive. Cannot think of a stronger character than him. It breaks my heart to know he never really received true love or joy in life. Any day he's better than the entire cast put together.

Snape loved Lily with all his life. I always hated Snape because of what he did to Harry. After reading the last book my jaw dropped and he became my favorite character. He loved her since they were kids and continued to love her even after she married James. He made sure Lily Evans did not die in vain and protected and died for Harry. So sad his life was.

Severus Snape made numerous mistakes in his life. Most of the time, everyone wanted to cut his hand off with a knife and watch him thrash in pain. He could battle nails for sharpness. But he was a good guy. Snape tricked the DARK LORD. He risked his life all the time, because one thing; his love for Lily Potter. Even though he seemed to hate Harry, he saved his life. Who told Harry to go get himself killed, but not really? Snape. Who was the one who told Harry how to get rid of that piece of Lordy out of him? Snape. Snape deserves to be at #3. I cried at his death so hard at the second time. Also, I figured out how old he was when he died; either 38 or 39. Young, wasn't he?

Severus Snape is one of the best harry potter characters. People think "Oh, Snape made a lot of mistakes, so I'm just going to hate him and ignore the fact that James ruined his life." Who cares if he made a lot of mistakes? He was brave, loyal, selfless, smart, and kind, and nobody knew or cared. James ruined his life, but he still constantly risked his life for harry and he was a great spy for Dumbledore. Snape is even better than Harry himself.

It's hard being forced to be both pure good and evil. - TheSudhanva

He is the grey character, the one you were never quite sure where it stood. He is intelligent, complex and mysterious. You hate him, you fear him, you love him - but you are never indifferent towards Severus Snape. The character gripped me right from the start and following his character through the books (way back in the days when you had no idea how his character might turn out) was a real roller-coaster ride. I cheered for him all along the way. One of the best characters ever!

Snape was a man of constant sorrows. He grew up being different and bullied in the wizarding world, not to mention what he may have suffered in the muggle world. He lost the person he loved the most; first to a jerk bully, James Potter (though it seems James eventually became a better guy), and then to his evil wizard leader. From the point of her death, it seems he repented of his death eater ways and dedicated his life to preserving Harry Potter. He saw Lily in Harry (his last words were how Harry has his mothers eyes) which is why he protected and in some way loved Harry. This is best seen in the scene when Dumbldore reveals, somewhat cold and matter-of-factly, that Harry was being preserved all these years to defeat Voldemort and in the process die since they were inseparably linked. Snape's response of surprise and disgust showed his desire to keep Harry safe and his concern for Harry's life revealed a love for him that was by extension of his love for Lily. His happiest moment, ...more

Best character in the series! Calculating, powerful wizard protecting of Harry brave as every character combined super cool exemplary student, fighter, spy, teacher after all hardships he's gone through, he's still awesome died a hero loved Lily and is just easily relatable (for me because I am the living Severus).

He, though he is definitely very flawed, the most human and heroic. He made a mistake in joining Voldemort and putting the Potter's lives at stake. When he realized what he had done, he devoted the rest of his life to working for Dumbledore to defeat the Death Eaters and protect Harry. A lot of the other characters are also heroic, but they rarely ever make any mistakes which doesn't make them relatable.

He was the biggest hero in the entire series! He defended Harry on penalty of death, was a double agent for the Light and simultaneously pretended brilliantly to be one of Voldemort's favourite Death Eaters. He was so good at what he did that only at the end was his true loyalty revealed, as he is a person of total complexity. And he was very, very brave.

Snape is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. He risked EVERYTHING just for lily and the order if the Phoenix, and had to go through so many things. He was hated at school, got mixed up with Voldemort, who decided to kill his crush. He literally BEGGED Dumbledore to stop Voldemort from killing Lily Evans. This proves that he loves her almost just as much as lilt loved Harry.

Snape is much better than Hermione, his story is was so unexpected and tragic plus he died for harry! Snape deserves the no. 1 spot!

He's such a brave person. Plus, he has the most amazing last name in the world!

Best shaped character of the entire franchise.

I don't think Snape even needs to be explained. He is like, the ultimate hero and I find myself feeling sorry for him because his life wasn't all that great. He was hated by his parents, the girl he loved, and the people who he worked for (The Order)

Objectively speaking, Snape is the fullest, richest and most complicated character in the series. I love pretty much the entire cast but Snape's got layers that none of the other characters do. Wonderfully well-written character, and beautifully performed by the late Alan Rickman.

You start from not liking him (Books/Movies 1-5) to hating him (Book/Movie 6) to absolutely loving him and feeling sorry for him (Book/Movie 7). While his death wasn't particularly sad, it was heart wrenching to see his true motivations and reasons why he has always acted like he as... When I found out I was literally depressed as hell.

When I read the 7th book for the second time I cried while reading the part where snape died. it just killed me "watching" him die when I already knew how much he had done. wow. totally agree with harry, bravest man I've ever known!

Snape is one of the most amazing characters ever written. Lets all be honest, we hated him. By HBP, we loathed him. But then, in DH, we came to love him. Then he died. But even though we hated him so much, we cried. Because Severus Snape was a good man. He made mistakes, but saw where he messed up and tried to fix them. He is exactly what I want my kids to be like. So while so many people make fun of the fact that Harry named his child after two dead people, we can't blame him. Severus is a good person. RIP Snape.

I think that Snape's story is tragic but and he is DEFINITELY an extremely complex character. HOWEVER he was no hero, he certainly wasn't the bravest character in the series. He enjoyed dark arts and didn't mind prejudice. The only reason he redeemed himself was for Lily, he only loved her. And he was horrible to all his students. His story is heartbreaking and he is no way a villain but I think he gets too much credit from the fans:/

The best character in the whole fact one of the most engaging, interesting and best characters of all time. He was not flawless obviously. But it's his this quality to accept who he is and still do things for greater good that makes him the number one. His love for Lily Potters was even stronger than the Harry's love for his friends and parents for that matter.