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Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.


Snape's death was very, very sad. I hated Snape when he first got introduced in Sorcerer's Stone. He was a hater, and terribly mean to Harry. for a while, I just thought that Snape was terrible to Harry for no reason, which infuriated me. I thought it was him trying to steal the Sorcerer's Stone. I just hated his cold, cruel, racist, Slytherin ways which made him seem super duper terrible. And he challenged Harry so much! As the story went on, I saw no change in Snape and hated him as much as I had before. In the fifth book, in my humble opinion, I had thought he'd never change and be a cruel jerk for the rest of the series. But I was wrong. All this time, I had had no intention of anger for James Potter. But soon, I heard Snape's backstory about James. How he was such a loathing bully to Snape, and how Snape only loved Lily and wanted her love back. Then I began to like Snape, hate James. At Snape death, I cried all night. Especially in the movie. I liked what he said last, "You have ...more

Everybody hated Snape from the very first book, until he died. I was amazed and suprised when I read that chapter. Utterly amazing. - Jammer196

I hate it when people say he is a good guy. Yes, at the end, he showed his rare affection for harry in the memory and before he died. However, his loyalties are still questionable whether or not he stood for Voldemort or Dumbledore. Yes, it is understandable to why he may be bitter towards Harry, but just because Harry is a reminder of James does not justify him bullying other students and Harry. He was downright mean and his wrath was completely undeserved especially to very innocent students he scarred, like poor Nevil.

In my opinion, I think this was the saddest death of all. At first while reading the books, I HATED SNAPE AS HECK! But as I read the WHOLE series, I grew to LOVE him! I think it was the saddest death because you can see that he was a great man after all. And actually in crying right now because he died in Harry Potter and... HE DIED IN REAL LIFE TOO! CRAP I'm CRYING LIKE HECK

Snape lived a life of pain and secrecy, so he could protect the only thing left of his love, Lily Potter:her son Harry. His memories were so sad at the end. He never got Lily, but he kept her Patronus, and although he didn't like Harry because he resembled James, he cared for him. R.I.P. severus Snape the bravest man I've ever known.

I've read the books and, if I'm going to be unbreakably honest, I was worried sick to see how they would handle Snape's death. Alan Rickman was revolutionary as Snape, and I was sorry to see him go in real life and in this film, so I honestly didn't know what to think of the build-up to this scene. But, I have to admit, this death and the way it plays out and impacts on the story is fantastic: JK was probably building up to this moment in the entire series (She admitted Snape's was the story she had planned before she even finished the first book! ), and I have to say that it was done beautifully.

I always seemed to like Snape. ( I always like dark characters who aren't actually evil) I cried a lot when Snape died. ( almost as much when Spike died, from buffy the vampire slayer) I was just so said that he died. When I saw the Pensieve part I really felt sorry for Snape he always loved Lily and she never knew that. I found this touching when Snape said Look at me... His dying moments were looking at Lily's eyes.

Does anyone realize this? Snape- the character we hated, Harry hated, etc, was AMAZING. He not only took on the job of being a double agent, but protected Harry, and had the same patronus as lily- because he loved her THAT much. Seeing harry- son of lily and James potter- who he hated- every day was pretty much torture. Snape truly gave the STRONGEST love in the series- and I'm on good terms with him now.

I hated Snape so much in the first 6 books and even the first half of the last book. However, I learned a lot in the last part of the last book, and I realized how great he was. His death was a tragedy. He was a so talented wizard. His death also solved the longest lasting mystery in the series. He was a hero, a great man.

Not happy he died, but it was the most tragic death in all of the books. He is one of my favourite characters and I will love him, "Always" - DamonSalvatore

When you think he was the worst person ever throughout the series, and you find out he's just an innocent man suffering a horrible life.

I love the fact that last thing he wanted was for Harry look at him, so Snape could die seeing Lily's eyes.

I always loved snape. Even before he died, when everyone thought he was a jerk, I just wanted to hug him! I think its his voice...

Snape is my all time favorite character, closely followed by Draco. I cried Rivers when he died. - FreeTale21

In the beginning I always thought snape was the bad guy but now he's dead I feel that sad for him

Snape's an idiot, killing Dumbledore and all that. But why was I so sad when I read about the snake killing him? - Dawnstar

His death was so sad I cried when he died and now I'm tearing up right now

I laughed so much after reading that he died. Then I got sad because I got to the part where they look at his memories. :,(

Snape was never bad. In heart he was good. And he always was. Even after all this time. Always.

Severus I thought was pretty bad at the beginning but on the last book I got so sad

I just straight up hated him and I'm only on book 4 too many reasons to explain -.-

When Snape died in the book I had to put it down 'cause I was crying too much and couldn't see the words and every time I see him die in the movie (even if it's like the 20th time) I weep and sob! BEST LOVE STORY EVER! JKR is pure genius! - AMYLS

Yeh when the snake was attacking him yeh that was pretty bloody

It's so sad. Pretending to be an evil...

I was like:"Snape was good! "I cried in his death and story.