Harry Potter And The Philosopher/Sorcerer's Stone Movie Review- 2001

idontknow I know I was away for a long time, and I still plan to review Kingdom Hearts II. For The Time Being, I decided to review all the 8 Harry Potter films, these are from someone who read all the 7 books, but I will be reviewing these as stand alone movies, not compare it to the book to much.
We all know Harry Potter as a story full of wonder,magic and siriusness (I just love Sirius Black too much), Here is the one that started it all, in 2001, The Philosopher Stone.
Director: Chris Columbus- 2001
Rotten Tomatoes Score- 80%
Metacritic Score- 64%
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson And Alan Rickman
Genre- Fantasy

The story is much faithful to the books, except for the ending, but it works for the books and films each, so I'm not complaining. There is a boy called Harry who is a wizard, who lives with awful muggles and goes to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, there he will meet his 2 best friend, Ron and Hermione, there they will look for the Philosopher Stone, (No Spoilers by the way).
The Story Is a great way to start of a franchise like this and really sets up a magical world, there is really no problem with the story, except with the chess scene (I hate that scene). It's a good plot for a simple film like this, where as it gets more intricate in the sequels.

The Character were portrayed as they were in the books, the adults actors like Alan Rickman and Maggie Smith portray their characters great, I do have a problem with Richard Harris as Dumbledore (RIP), The child actors were not terrible, but not great either as they seem a bit stale, but when an emotional scene happens, I just don't buy it (like the chess scene). Character wise was good, but acting was okay. Also II love Hagrid and Mr Dursley was portrayed Perfectly, but his son is awful. Stop complaining because you had 36 presents, that is less then a present in 5 years. The writing is fine.

This is a light hearted and family friendly film, which is great, the problem is that the direction and film went a bit too childish at times and the film is way too dated, like the troll scene in the bathroom (cringe).
The direction was mediocre but good in parts as where you can see the film shine, but mainly because of nostalgia and the film doesn't stand the test of time.

The editing is great, combine that with a great cinematography and it's really great, you get the feeling of wonder,
also the soundtrack is fantastic, Hedwig's theme and Leaving Hogwarts are 2 brilliant piece of music.The Special Effects are dated, like alot, I already talked about the troll scene, so yeah, To The Potter mobile, dun dun dund uund (don't ask I want to talk about Sirius Black, but I have to wait).

If this film came out in 2015, it would be nothing special, but since I have the nostalgia for this film, it's hard for the negatives.
The film is dated, with bad VFX and okay acting but also a long film which could have been shorter, but it sets up a world really great with a brilliant score from John Williams and a light hearted feel. It's a good film, My final rating is:


What will happen next in the Chamber Of Secrets and what did you think of this film: comment down and if you have read the books, which ending was better the films or the book's ending, comment below, see you next time.


C+. That's what I'd give this review. Sorry, pal. - PositronWildhawk

Considering I recently binged all 19 hours of HP straight through, I completely disagree. This stands the test of time like no other.

Being obnoxious is Dudley's character. That's the whole point, plus, it was a direct quote from the book.
The troll was not poorly animated at all. It was 2001 and I still think it looked great.
The child actors were actually pretty good.
Richard Harris was an amazing Dumbledore. The biggest plight of the movies was the fact that he was not in all of them.

All in all. I very much disagree. This movie was incredible in its time and still very good today. - keycha1n

That's good to know, also I would change the grade to a B-, Also this is a very bad review and I am improving on it, if you want to see a better review, check out The Lazarus Effect, but I will say the nostalgia stands the test of time. - idontknow

By the way- I will RE review this movie because this was a quick 5 min review- this is an awful review and my new review will be loads better and I will look deeper into this film - idontknow