Autistic Game Critic Episode #20 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

bobbythebrony Welcome to a magical episode of Autistic Game Critic, where I will review the game, not movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban. To me, this is the way a Harry Potter video game should be made. It follows the movie quite well. Now let's cut the crap.

In the game, you go through Harry's normal life at Hogwarts. This includes going to classes, which is actually fun unlike in Bully. Like most Harry Potter games, you find books and learn new magic spells and solve puzzles. All the while dealing with the dementors. There's also stealth involved. Like in the other games, you collect jelly beans. You also have to collect items for potions class. My only disappointment is that you don't play Quidditch like in Chamber of Secrets.

The game starts off on the train to Hogwarts. Dementors attack Harry and Ron but are repelled. As a result, Harry develops a fear of them. Most of the time you do normal stuff but also stuff related to Malfoy, Sirius Black and Buckbeat.
After the Buckbeat class, you can ride him/her at any time. There are many new challenges such as in Defense Against the Dark Arts class. They're not a complicated as Chamber of Secrets. Towards the end of the game, Harry conquered his fear and used the power of his father to defeat the dementors. Sirius Black, proven innocent, escapes on Buckbeat with Harry's help.

Well that's as much as I can say about that. I know there are other Harry Potter games but I may get to them later. All I can is that it's not a perfect game but it is the perfect Harry Potter game. 10/10. This is bobbythebrony saying Til I see you again, watch your step.

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