Best Harry Potter Soundtrack Songs From Movies 1-3

Prisoner of Azkaban, Chamber of Secrets, and Sorcerer's Stone.

The Top Ten

1 Finale (POA)
2 Leaving Hogwarts (SS)
3 Buckbeak's Flight (POA)
4 A Window to the Past (POA)
5 Hedwig's Theme

One of the most recognizable themes ever made. But I have to admit, Fawkes the Phoenix is a close second.

When you heard, what is your first thought? HARRY POTTER

6 Prologue (SS)
7 Quidditch Third Year (POA)
8 Fawkes the Phoenix (Cos)
9 Mirror of Erised (SS)
10 Fawkes Reborn (COS)

This is the most beautiful soundtrack with 'A Window To The Past' coming in as a strong second.

The Contenders

11 Mischief Managed (POA)
12 Harry's Wondrous World (SS)
13 The Arrival of Baby Harry (SS)
14 Double Trouble (POA)
15 The Face of Voldemort (SS)
16 A Change of Season (SS)
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