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1 The Elderwand

The Elderwand is also known as Deathstick, and Wand Of Destiny. It's the best in the world, superior, and amazing. It's also the only wand in the entire harry potter series that is able to repair broken wands. Good placement on this list! Vote for the best, Vote for this wand.

The MOST POWERFUL ever. - 2234

It is powerful, but it holds a bloody and dark past. It is most likely the wand that has taken the most lives, cost the most bloodshed. It is evil, poisoning the beholder with horrible intentions. The core is hair of a Thestral, but Thestrals can only be seen by one who witnessed death, signaling that this wand is deadly. Avoid this wand at all cost! Do it for your friends, family, and many innocent people, including yourself. Sure the power it brings may seem tempting, but with this great power comes a cost...the unforgiving need of fame, violent reactions to minor things, and a taste for blood. Look at what happened to Voldemort when he tried to hunt it down. Look at what happened to the Peverell brother who first owner it...

Harry Snapped it

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2 Harry Potter

Harry Potter's wand is a holly and phoenix feather 11 inch wand and the same phoenix gave another feather and that gave Harry the scar and Voldemort only uses the best he can get and that is why Harry's is one of the best

This want has been through everything and beats almost every (except for the ones above) and is amazing but also plain and in some ways is good and is mentioned to be good and supple.

Harry's wand was already a wand of extraordinary power. However, the addition of Voldemort's power into the wand made gave it tremendous strength. In my opinion, this wand is only beaten by the Elder Wand.

Duh its definly one of the best but still not better than the elder wand

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3 Sirius Black Sirius Black

Great wand, simple and a good weight. The etchings around the wand are extremely cool and I would recommend this wand to any Harry Potter Fan! Comfortable to hold and no bulky pieces that could hurt younger people. The tip is also blunt which makes it safe. Instead of being round it is square which eventually shapes into a circle. This makes it unique and interesting. GET THIS WAND! IT IS AMAZING!

Lovely wand. At first it looks simple with no bulky pieces are a distinctive handle; however, the etchings, color, and especially the subtle change from square to twisted shape in the wand make this one unique. It's also cool to note that Sirius' wand is a bit of a mystery as JK Rowling nor any of the films mentioned what exactly the wand was made of and in the books the shape was never really defined. It's almost as if this wand could be Sirius', anyones, or no one's at all simultaneously. : )

Sirius blacks wand is cool because it is made from an unknown wood and looks kinda like the tattoos on his chest

He is cool

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4 Voldemort's Wand

It is very fitting that it would be the wand of a dark lord.

It's like made outa bones and its an epic shape. - 2234

Voldemorts wand looks so evel so does he


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5 Lucius Malfoy's Wand

Even though Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater, his wand is a really cool wand. It's actually considered the longest wand in the entire Harry Potter series alongside the Elder Wand.

Fantastic designs handle fits perfect in your hand

He has an epic black walking stick with a silver snake head, same as his wand. - 2234

I love the simple black wand with the silver snakes head.

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6 Hermoine Granger

I love the vine pattern all over the surface it's very intricate and detailed

The extraordinary is that it has not a particular handle

Light brown with leaf and vines designs. - 2234

She nows everything🙂

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7 Severus Snape's Wand

I have this wand and I took it on the wonderland trail (for those of you that don't know it's a 100 mile trek around mt rainier) any ways It was in my shirt pocket the whole time and it did't get a scratch besides it's an elegant wand for a more civilized age unique handle is perfect and it's dark color is a nice addition because no one can tell what wood it is so you can say it's the wood and core of your pottermore wand the length is reasonable (one of noble collection's shorter wands ) but is at a nice 13 inches which is great for because play or just throwing in your pocket and taking it places the lack of identifiable marks makes it a spectacular prop for fan films as well

The all black colour of this wand make it look so elegant, and it has the perfect size regarding comfort and durability (The longer the easier it is to break it).

I think Snape's wand is a really cool wand. I think that it is one of the other great wands ever.

Most intricately designed wand

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8 Luna Lovegood's Wand

I love how silky the wood feels and the details are amazing in the flower

I like the almost bloomed flower on the handle!

It's a really pretty, rustic, unique wand.

Luna is a Ravenclaw. I think Luna include every personalities in every house. She is smart, brave, loyal, and she treat her friends very nice.

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9 Narcisa Malfoy

Awesome complicated designs make it look EPIC!

It has really awesome complicated designs that are EPIC! - 2234

Hers is just cool I mean I have it

It's so sick

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10 Dumbledore's Wand

The elder wand is the most powerful wand in my opinion

Aka the elder wand

His is the best

That's awesome

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11 Bellatrix Lestrange's Wand

She has an awesome wand that's why I bought her wand in Harry potter world

I just love the carvings and the curve

Her wand sort of looks like a gun

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12 Viktor Krum

Victor Krum's wand has a nice feeling to it and I like how the wand curves

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13 Draco Malfoy's Wand

Technically, the Elder Wand did because Voldemort used it in the last battle, but that was after Harry disarmed him. So that makes Harry the true master of the wand and it didn't want to hurt him. That's why the curse rebounded on Voldemort.

Draco is one of my favorite characters and I love the design of his wand. Plus it technically killed Voldemort which makes it even more cool.

Hawthorn and unicorn hair, 10 inches, reasonably springy.

3 for sure

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14 McGonagall

Professor Mcgonagall's wand has a brown round ball in the center of the wand and the crystal that I really like at the bottom of the wand

She has the most beautiful wand ever! She even turns into a cat!

A really cool shaped wand at the handle part. - 2234

I just love her wand... It feels right in my hand

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15 Fleur Delacour's Wand

Yeah it's got such a nice handle like a lot of the wands but it's the only wand with a Veela core so it's like it's beautiful on the outside but the real beautiful thing is in the inside (cheesy ) like fleur and it's awesome that it's the only wand with that core like the elder wand has a different core anyway it's cool

I got this and it's so pretty! The handle is gorgeous and the leaf decoration is really nice!

It has a nice design and a nice handle

She hasn't e most beautiful wand in all of Harry Potter, corresponding with her appearance. Please vote for her after looking up a picture!

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16 Alastor Moody's Wand V 1 Comment
17 Professor Slughorn's Wand

It just looks awesome I mean it has a slug on the end and white slime patterns on it

A wand that is a slug and a horn. Do I have to say more?

Just got it for my birthday SUPPER COOL

It looks so bad *so and I love seeing much it's still cool

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18 Remus Lupin Remus Lupin

The wand is not only based on its quality its also based on its owner. If you are a strong wizard then your wand will perform to its best and if you are a weak wizard your wand will play up. Lupin is a strong, powerful wizard and its clear he has control of his magical abilities so that is why he has a good wand.

Remus has an amazing wand because at the time of the Battle Of Mysteries, Remus was the only wizard apart from Dumbledore and Harry not to get hurt. Think logically, if you are in the same status as the best wizards that ever lived then you must be good. In my opinion Remus Lupin has the best wand.

He is a good fighter and his wand helps him duel to his level best. He is an amazing wizard with an amazing wand

It's the perfect wand for a werewolf:-)

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19 Neville Longbottom Neville Longbottom

Great wand. The low key hero of Hogwarts and in line to be the chosen one.

20 Neville Longbottom's Wand V 3 Comments
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