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21 Ginny Weasley's Wand

Ginny is by far my favourite character and this makes me want her wand! I love the intricacy and beauty of the cross like style as well as its sleek long physique.

Decorative, exquisite, and who ever said it's not very good probably doesn't know what it looks like.

It's great because it's so sleek and beautiful also less is more and it looks quite elegant


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22 Ron Weasley's Wand V 3 Comments
23 Nymphadora Tonk's Wand

Tonk's wand is as unique as she is and I love that! The design is so cool and different than any other wands which makes it perfect for her!

Nymphadora tonk's wand has a orange and yellow color to the wand and I like how the handle of her wand is

It's really cool and fits Tonks's character

This is my most favourite wand of them all!

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24 James Potter's Wand

Fought with Voldemort 3 times... I don't know what he'd have done without that wand!

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25 Cedric Diggory's Wand

My favourite wand of all time! And character!

It is simple... And cool... Enough said

26 Kingsley Shacklebolt's Wand
27 Dolores Umbridge's Wand
28 Peter Pettigrew's Second Wand

It's very very comfortable.

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29 Rufus Scrimgeour's Wand

A very nice wand. Would do anything in the world for it as a second wand.

Great wand, very nice and powerful also

30 Gregorovitch's wand

The handle is all crooked and like a stick and then it forms into a straight brown shaft. Very cool looking

31 Death Eater Wand (Snake)

Amazing wand it is a have to buy wand and looks amazing overall and has a good grip

32 Xenophilius's Wand

This wand is bringing to mind the first days of Harry Potter.

Nice and curly

Very very coll wand, with nice details:-)

33 Fred Weasley's Wand
34 Fenrir Greyback
35 Dolores Umbridge Dolores Umbridge

It is my second best my first best is Nigel's wand but I just randomly like Nigel's wand but Umbridge's wand is my second best cool.

Even if the character is horrible it is a rather beautiful wand

36 Alecto Carrow's Wand

Beautiful handle. Also probably the least well known character to get a wand replica made. Good for Alecto.

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37 Snatcher Wand

Looks awesome, like raw wood sure it's not as powerful but it still looks awesome.

38 Cho Chang's Wand

I don't like her wand, and her personalities.

Her wand is beautiful


39 Gregory Goyle's Wand

Not well noted, but has a nice, gold handle. Not too shabby.

40 Mundungus Fletcher's Wand

Quite nice with a Jewel at the handle.

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