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1 Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns

Colorful! All candidates we can marry are all gorgeous. Can't even choose. The story itself is amazing, too.

Harvest Moon A Tale of Two Towns is the best by far! The story is great and there are many good characters as well. I always have a hard time choosing which town I want to be in.

There are TWO towns!

2 Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

The characters are so colorful! I love them!

3 Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

I'm working to get all of them! - rainbowdashrules

4 Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands
5 Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

My first Harvest Moon, and still my favorite.

ToT was my first game of HM Series, when I discovered that game, I was so happy, and obviously, that game have Luke.

6 Harvest Moon Back to Nature

Have indonesian version, hacked language

It's the best game during my childhood.

This game is just as good now as it was when it came out.

Best game ever
I never forget the first time I playe it

7 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
8 Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
9 Harvest Moon Cute
10 Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility

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11 Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

So fun and did everything right the cursed tools alone add hours in the game.

First harvest moon game I ever played. I was addicted from day one.

My all-time favourite HM-game.

12 Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl
13 Harvest Moon 64

This is bias but this is my first serious game and it's awesome!

Harvest Moon 64 had dark and/or rich backstories, compelling characters, addictive gameplay, and was overall a great game. Widely known as the best out of the entire series. - CarollinaClicker

14 Harvest Moon

Such an innovative and inspirational classic.

15 Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

My first Harvest Moon game! :) I was so obsessed with ot! - Silverbronwyn

16 Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Back to Nature is the Legend.
I think this is perfect, simplify, ease the BTN Versin
although it is remake & upgraded version of STH...

17 Story of Seasons

Much better than what Natsume did to the series!

18 Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
19 Harvest Moon DS
20 Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town

MFoMT built upon FoMT and was way more addicting. - CarollinaClicker

21 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
22 Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
23 Harvest Moon: Sky Tree Village
24 Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life
25 Harvest Moon 3 GBC

Best of the GBC games. - CarollinaClicker

26 Harvest Moon 2 GBC
27 Harvest Moon GB
28 Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories
29 Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon
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1. Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
2. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
3. Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands
1. Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
2. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
3. Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl


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