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1 Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns

Harvest Moon A Tale of Two Towns is the best by far! The story is great and there are many good characters as well. I always have a hard time choosing which town I want to be in.

There are TWO towns!

2 Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

The characters are so colorful! I love them!

3 Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

I'm working to get all of them! - rainbowdashrules

4 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
5 Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

ToT was my first game of HM Series, when I discovered that game, I was so happy, and obviously, that game have Luke.

6 Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands
7 Harvest Moon Back to Nature

It's the best game during my childhood.

This game is just as good now as it was when it came out.

Best game ever
I never forget the first time I playe it

8 Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
9 Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
10 Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

So fun and did everything right the cursed tools alone add hours in the game.

First harvest moon game I ever played. I was addicted from day one.

My all-time favourite HM-game.

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11 Harvest Moon 64

This is bias but this is my first serious game and it's awesome!

Harvest Moon 64 had dark and/or rich backstories, compelling characters, addictive gameplay, and was overall a great game. Widely known as the best out of the entire series. - CarollinaClicker

12 Harvest Moon Cute
13 Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

My first Harvest Moon game! :) I was so obsessed with ot! - Silverbronwyn

14 Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl
15 Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Back to Nature is the Legend.
I think this is perfect, simplify, ease the BTN Versin
although it is remake & upgraded version of STH...

16 Story of Seasons
17 Harvest Moon
18 Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town

MFoMT built upon FoMT and was way more addicting. - CarollinaClicker

19 Harvest Moon: Sky Tree Village
20 Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life
21 Harvest Moon 3 GBC

Best of the GBC games. - CarollinaClicker

22 Harvest Moon 2 GBC
23 Harvest Moon GB
24 Harvest Moon DS
25 Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
26 Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories
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1. Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
2. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
3. Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands
1. Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
2. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
3. Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl


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