Best Hate Eternal Songs

Hate Eternal is a Death Metal band from Florida, United States. They were formed in 1997 by frontman Erik Rutan, former guitarist for Death Metal legends, Morbid Angel. The group's original line-up included bassist and co-vocalist Jared Anderson, drummer Tim Yeung, and guitarist Doug Cerrito (Suffocation).
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The Top Ten Best Hate Eternal Songs

1 The Eternal Ruler
2 Bringer of Storms
3 I, Monarch
4 Rebirth
5 Behold Judas
6 King of All Kings
7 Haunting Abound
8 Deathevil
9 The Victorious Reign
10 Phoenix Amongst the Ashes

The Contenders

11 The Art of Redemption
12 Two Demons
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