Best Hatebreed Songs


The Top Ten

1 Destroy Everything
2 Everyone Bleeds Now
3 Live for This
4 This Is Now
5 Before Dishonor
6 I Will Be Heard

This song has the best and most brutally honest lyrics to date!

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7 Not One Truth
8 Betrayed by Life
9 Defeatist
10 To the Threshold V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 In Ashes They Shall Reap

Top 5 metal songs ever

Top 3 all day what

12 Never Let It Die
13 Doomsayer
14 Put It to the Torch
15 Not My Master

One of the greatest breakdowns of all time

16 Straight to Your Face
17 As Diehard As They Come
18 Perseverance
19 You're Never Alone
20 Give Wings to My Triumph
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Top Remixes

1. I Will Be Heard
2. Live for This
3. Destroy Everything
1. Everyone Bleeds Now
2. Destroy Everything
3. Live for This



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