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81 Yume Yume

Yume Yume is a touching story about someone who wants to meet a dream again and again and never let that dream leave or die. It has a beautiful melody and beautiful lyrics. I feel that more people should know about it.

One of my favorite Hatsune Miku songs, great meaning behind it, and its catchy!

82 Melody.exe

How is this masterpiece not in the top 10?! This song is just amazing, the way she cones back to life and she connects to you through the lyrics! This song will always he my number 1!

This song is so good. Its music is so electric and modern. It is just like when Miku is starting, becoming alive and sing this song

83 Dear

How can this beautiful didn't stay in top 10?

"beautiful, touching song with a great rhythm. Dear was my first Miku song and still remains my favorite ^_^. Hope you check it out! "

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84 Kagerou Day

A series of Vocaloid songs by Jin. Kagerou Project. This song is the most popular of the series. HOW DID IT NOT MAKE IT TO TOP 20?!

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85 Decorator

Best vocaloid song! It always makes me happy, and in the video all six vocaloids dance together and actually look happy like they are friends, it's just so cute!

What? That's the best song to me

Keep it up its almost to top 100.

Like it because it says in the lyrics tommorow will decorated with your hands that no matter what small things you do there's a big difference... I Love yhis song very much. How come this isn't blnumber 1? Its inspirational and meaningful...

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86 Astro Troopers
87 Baby Maniacs

Cause this song connect me with my love one
And I'm thankful for this song

This is one of the BEST songs Hatsune Miku have! Whis should be one of the Top 10!

This song best because place, dancer's and the camera so coll in video clip

88 Time Machine

Very nice, sound like school life song.

So sad. I cried. Honestly speaking.

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89 Star Story

Like "Last Night Good Night" this song produces a calm somewhat lullaby atmosphere

Beautiful. There's no other word to describe it.

90 Ten Thousand Stars

105?! This deserves to be at the top of the list! Even though this a newer Miku song it deserves a bit more love. It also sounded AMAZING in concert!

Hope it will reach number 1 soon

The Best one. Just came out so you can't really blame it.


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91 Puzzle

Just listen to that voice... DAMN! Its like an angel but rock and stuff which is just awesome... First song that made me a miku fan.

It's unreal how far down this list Puzzle is. As a power ballad fan, this is one of the most underrated songs in Miku's library, and probably the hardest rocking.

"I've already forgotten about this song. This one's a beautiful yet sad song."

I really love this song that I accidentally remembered its lyric

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92 Shiroi Yuki No Princess Wa

One of the best Miku songs, the melody is beautiful!

This talks about snow white and her evil stepmother

This song is just very nice <3
Make the happy felling when I heard it

93 One of Repetition

I really like this song! Every time I watch it's video... I become sad.. It's about a doll that in love to her owner...

94 Look This Way Baby

This is the best song of miku hatsune... Its ROCKS!

Yes I'm looking at you Miku :3

Herd it on GGSP love it so sexy love you miku you rock

Well it’s clearly so popular somebody feels the need to add it twice. (If you look up its Japanese Name ‘Kocchi Muite Baby’ on this list you’ll see what I’m talking about)

95 I'm So Sorry
96 Cat Food

It's so awesome! The song is very catchy, and quite original. If you haven't heard this song, you really should if you love Miku!

This is my favorite song out of all the hatsune miku songs I know!

First Miku's song listened, really get attracted.

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97 Half Step

My favorite needs to be higher.

98 Packaged

Packaged is such a beautiful song!

99 Acute

I love this song, it shows that love can be difficult, not only sweet. It also shows that you should think about other people's feelings, even if it hurts.

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100 Satisfaction
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