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141 Nephna
142 Music Box of Memories
143 Lapislazuli
144 Magnetic
145 Unfragment

Great song! Why is it all the way out here?

If you bring the speed up to 1.25, you get epic bass!

146 Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru

The best Miku song ever! Its all about MIKU!

147 Asymmetry

Its really cool and its like death the kid THE SONGS FOR HIM

148 Solaris Meteor Shower
149 Clock Work
150 Nekomimi Archive (Cat Ears Archive)

This one deserve in the top twenty spot. the way she dance and all make me wanna dance

This is one of her best songs. Was expecting top 50

151 Planetarium
152 Lonely UFO

Song with a very deep meaning and great beats as well

153 Eternal World

Underrated song :/
It's so beautiful and emotional! At least it should be in the top 50s :/

154 Entreaty Film
155 Stargazer

This is great song, Should be number 11!

156 Online Game Addicts Sprechchor

It's so catchy and I love it how it's based on video games! I love this song this should be at least in the top 20!

157 I Think Twilight
158 Common World Domination

Great beats, tunes, quite catchy, and perfect for listening on loop

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159 Yume to Hazakura (Dreams and Leaved Cherry Trees)
160 I Am a Broken Umbrella
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