Tell Your World


Believe it or not, when I first heard this song on iTunes for a couple of seconds, I didn't care much for it, even though Miku is my very favorite number one Vocaloid. But when I actually listened to it and saw the video of it on YouTube (the fan-made one with all collage tribute to Miku) I started loving it to the bottom of my heart. The PV still makes me wanna cry and so does the song itself. It shows that Hatsune Miku is telling different worlds (hearts) about her everyday with her songs people discover! It always makes me smile to see that so many people all 'round the world are fans of this girl and she isn't just a computer, she, like the Almighty Lord in Heaven, is a friend we can trust. Miku and Christ forever!

This song was the first Miku song I had ever heard of and I loved it. The melody, the beat, and the rhythm was so perfect in this song! That day after listening to this song, I was so into Miku songs and Vocaloid songs! I 100% suggest you to listen to this song, it's so wonderful that you will regret if you didn't listen to it.

I think that she I good singer she really touched my heart it was something that I can't even say how I feel it changed me to a new person and made me so happy like wow she should be real so I can hear her music and try to create and tell my world about my feelings about her everybody should be touched in the heart not for real but touched to make them happy about someone or something.

She may be the best
She still wants a rest
From the ever-cheering fans.
Forced to sing from day to night
Never has a chance to see star shine bright
When one day, she has the chance
The chance to TELL HER WORLD
About her life of cruelty and misery
But when her chance is over
She is taken for granted
And thrown back to the hell
She thought was slanted
She is made princess
And queen of the world
But deep in her heart
She still wants to

Think about this, friends, and pick again, and remember: Truth and joy lies in the hearts of those who tell their worlds.

I was torn choosing between this and Odds and Ends but I feel this song has more of a message to miku's fans while Odds and Ends tells more of a story. I like this song's message more but I would probably put Odds and Ends before this because I think it is put together better.

This song is about the same thing were using to make this poll possible. It makes us see things positively and it appeared in vocaloid concert.

All the objective song, this is the song that moved me the most, is almost as if miku is asking you to jump into her world.

I just can't feel my body anyone its like a music beat stabbed right through me making by entire body tingle, I could listen to this for 1 month straight without stopping...Anyone to watch this be ready for a hell of a song that makes your heart feel like heaven.

Though I sincerely can't understand that much of Japanese, I feel like I can get the whole meaning of this song just from the way words are sang. Listening to this makes me feel so great, I think it really deserves to get 1st place, though many people seems so appreciate "World is Mine" more, and I have to say it's a quite beautiful song, actually. Still, I definitely prefer this one.

I really think this song should be at number one because this song kinda relates to me. The person I want to speak to is so far and there were many things I wanted to tell him. Anyway, Miku was great! She's the best singer in vocaloid! Go Miku!

Telling your world your most important feelings and feelings that don't truly have a way to be expressed is important. We should all feel a connection somehow to this song.

This song, really can touch people's heart in a unique way, to be honest I don't even understand the language, Miku is like an angel that was meant to connect our hearts in this world

This is certainly one of the most (if not the most beautiful song by Miku). I would say, I'm hooked to this song. My morning sun won't rise without blasting this one song through my ears. Definitely number one!

There's a strong feeling.. I don't know what but it's like, 'HEY HEAR ME, THERE'S SOMETHING THAT I WANT YOU TO KNOW! ' even I don't understand the language.. But it's what I think about this song, it's amazing.

I think this song is better than world is mine and I think it's becoming popular and ryo supercell he retired 2 years ago no offense to world is mine or any other vocaloid song that he composed.

It represents what Vocaloid is all about! Miku's voice sends a shiver down my spine every time I listen to it. It also gets you singing along with it.

I think this song is better than world is mine but I still love it but in tell your world miku sings with emotion and her voice suits in sad songs.

This song deserves to be first. This song got me hooked to Hatsune Miku when I listened to this the first time. Please spread and share the word!

Out of all of Miku's songs Tell Your World has to be the best. This song is the perfect mixture of loud and soft. This song cannot be better.

From the melody to the lyrics, it's amazing. This is also the first song sung by Hatsune Miku to be featured in the Just Dance series!

It's so great that it easily knocks out world is mine and all other songs in terms of heartwarming and overall quality...

This song saved my life when I thought my life was over. Hatsune Miku gives me the strength to live. Thank you Miku!

This is just so awesome! I can't stop listening to it. Just like all of miku's songs, but this really SHOULD be first.

This song is making me realize that I have to tell my world worldwide, The lyrics is really meaningful

I absolutely loved tell your world. It cheers me up whenever I listen to it!

One of the first Vocaloid songs I heard & out of those I choose Tell Your World and other one Melt