Top Ten Best Haunted House Movies


The Top Ten

1 House on Haunted Hill

The new one, not the old one. - heather

2 The Shining

Best haunted house movie by far.

It counts, even if it's a hotel. - heather

3 Amityville Horror

New or old, this movie rocks! - heather

4 The Grudge
5 The Haunting in Connecticut

This is such an awesome movie. - heather

6 Poltergeist

Although we find out later that it's the girl that's haunted, it starts out that it's the house. - heather

Books tower and television scene is amazing

7 The Haunting

Old version is better. 1999 version has terrible effects and acting. - DynastiNoble

8 Thirteen Ghosts
9 Burnt Offerings

The cover above is wrong but Burnt Offerings has always been a very underrated movie. With an all star cast, creepy mansion and unforgettable score, this 1976 film has all the right elements to chill you to the bone. Just think, a house that repairs itself by absorbing the energy of the families that have stayed there over the years. Sounds like a winner to me.

10 Sinister

The Contenders

11 Paranormal Activity
12 Legend of Hell House

Old, but really a great, spooky story if you can get into it. - heather

13 1408
14 The Conjuring

This movie rules! The Haunted Mansion and A Haunted House are stupid comedies.

15 Insidious

I saw the trailer, and I dare not watch this movie. - Jetticus12

16 Monster House
17 Amityville II: The Possession
18 Ouija: Origin of Evil
19 The Haunted Mansion
20 A Haunted House
21 The Others
22 The Possession
23 The Conjuring 2
24 The Changeling
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